Shopping in Mannheim, Germany

Café Istanbul in Mannheim - Cornelia Lohs

Café Istanbul in Mannheim – Cornelia Lohs

The Lively Metropolis of the Rhine-Neckar Region

Mannheim is shoppers’ paradise between Stuttgart and Frankfurt: Elegant department stores, fashion at discount prices and real bargains in the Turkish quarter.

Mannheim, with its 320.000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in the South German State of Baden-Württemberg and is situated at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Neckar. Mannheim is also the shopping metropolis number one in the Rhine-Neckar region.

The “City of Squares” is full of department stores, small designer outlets, shoe shops and fashion boutiques offering the fanatical shopper all of his or her heart’s desires. As most shops and department stores are located in the shopping street “Planken” between O and P7, the parallel running Q7, their side streets and the Market Square (Marktplatz) near the end of the Planken, all locations are within walking distance. Shoppers, however, may also take the streetcar that runs through the Planken.

Store opening hours are from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. Shops in Germany are closed on Sundays.

Low Priced Shopping in the Turkish Quarter of Mannheim

On the right side of the Market Square (Marktplatz), the city’s famous Café Istanbul leads right into the Turkish Quarter where most of Mannheim’s 20,000 Turkish inhabitants live. Not knowing they are in Mannheim, visitors may easily believe that they are in a Turkish city.

The streets are full of small fashion boutiques that offer clothes and beautiful wedding dresses at discount prices, jewelry stores offering gold at prices similar to those offered in Canal Street in New York City, supermarkets with Turkish products and fruits and vegetables at very low prices. Here also are bakeries offering delicious Turkish breads, cakes and cookies. Tourists searching for call shops and internet cafés will find them here galore.

Engelhorn, Mannheim’s Most Elegant Department Store

Engelhorn was founded in 1890 and is Mannheim’s Saks 5th Avenue. On seven floors, the department store offers the latest designer fashion for men and women, shoes, bags, hats and accessories. The main store, “Mode im Quadrat” (Fashion in the Squares), is located at O4 11-12. “Engelhorn Sports”, Europe’s largest sports store, offers everything from the world of sports on seven floors and is across the street on the back side of the main store.

Teenagers and young people have much to discover in Engelhorn’s Trendhouse, which is also located on the back side of the main department store, and women will love the Dessous House and next to it the “Strumpfhaus” (world of stockings). Prices at Engelhorn are average to high – Heidelbergers love to shop there as they may find special fashion that cannot be found in Heidelberg which is 15 minutes away by train.

Fashion at Discount Prices, Skater Wear and Oversized Shoes in Mannheim

Most fashion boutiques and small designer outlets that offer fashion and shoes at low prices are located in the Q quarter (the Planken start at P7, the parallel street at Q7). Hip hop fashion and skater wear can be found at the two-storey “Blaze – The Sore” in R1. Those who have trouble finding shoes in small and large sizes will love “Schuh-Kauffmann” at R5 17 which offers men’s and women’s shoes in oversize and undersize.

In the side streets between P and Q are numerous small restaurants, wine and cheese boutiques and many gift stores. Along the Planken there are many cafés where shoppers can “recover” from shopping!

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