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Please read the following content guidelines for submitting an article

Article Length:

Articles should have a minimum 560-word count and not exceed 1100. Naturally, your work should focus on the world of travel.

Writing Style:

All of us have a particular style of writing that makes us unique, and we admire writers for their talent to create a sense of place through rich yet concise descriptions. Always remember to illustrate your words in the active voice instead of the passive voice. By doing so, you enhance your work with clarity and spirit that keep readers engaged.


We provide our readers with not only informative articles on vacation destinations around the world but also travel tips and reviews. To see what offers, click on the Category drop-down menu to view the complete list of topics.

How to Pitch:

You can send us an email by using the Contact Us option at the top of the website. Then, simply copy/paste your proposed article into the message box. We’re always open to travel ideas you’d like to share with us and the world. We also welcome first-time writers to submit articles and help them build their portfolios.

Keep in mind that all content goes through an editing process to ensure the presentation of quality work. Due to the sheer volume of requests, a waiting period may occur. Therefore, we ask for your patience. We also request that you provide at least three, low-resolution pictures to accompany your article. After all, the presentation is everything.

Please Note:

We only accept posts from genuine travel bloggers. If you work for a commercial company or an agency representing a commercial company, we ask that you contact us for more information.

We’ll consider the use of hyperlinks within the body of the text if these are relevant to the article (i.e. providing additional information to support the article) and are a reputable source. Hyperlinks embedded in the article will always be “no-follow,” unless the author is willing to pay for the links. Contact us for the fee.

We reserve the right to delete third-party links, especially those that are for online retailers, property and/or accommodation rental agencies, car rental agencies, and businesses that provide any type of service.( these links if included must be paid links). is not liable for any infringement of intellectual property. Please do not submit copyrighted images or any documents for publication if you do not have the rights. For further information, please refer to privacy policy of the website.

Thank you.

Marc J. – Owner Uncharted101