Wonderful Copenhagen: City of New Nordic Cuisine

Denmark Credit-europesgreatest.com

Copenhagen Denmark Credit-europesgreatest.com

Copenhagen is currently one of the top new destinations for good food. Find out the best places to eat in the Scandinavian capital. The preferred slogan is wonderful and the capital of Denmark encapsulates this sense of wonder perfectly. Be it the buzz of the medieval lanes of the old town, the picturesque atmosphere of the canals or the general laid back character of the inhabitants, one thing is certain, Copenhagen has that inescapably continental charm.

However, that is not all the city has to offer. Copenhagen has, for some time, been making headlines with an extraordinary vibrant restaurant scene, and is currently pioneering the concept of New Nordic Cuisine.


On top of the list, leading the way among a dazzling array of fine eateries, is Noma. The restaurant is situated in an old warehouse on the Copenhagen waterfront, and has been acclaimed on several occasions to be the world’s finest restaurant. The concept is certainly daring. Recipes and raw materials are drawn from obscure Scandinavian origins, and cooking techniques and preparation are in the vein of places such as Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli and Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck. In other words, it is pretty experimental stuff. The chef Rene Redzepi has recently published a cookbook entitled Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine.

New Nordic Cuisine

However, Noma is not the only of the capital’s restaurants to gain international attention. The city currently has seen 12 restaurants awarded with a Michelin star. The range of styles is wide, but an increasing trend has bolstered the concept of New Nordic Cuisine, a concept which Noma originally pioneered.

The emphasis on local produce is probably more marked than anywhere else at Dragsholm Castle restaurant, outside Copenhagen. With access to fresh produce at its doorstep, the 13th century castle and hotel is located an hour’s drive outside of the capital and has first dibs to the best of what the local land has to offer.

Foreign Food

However, Danish chefs, have also shown that they can handle non-Nordic fare. Danish Michelin chef Henrik Yde-Andersen, for instance, and his restaurant Kiin Kiin is currently the only Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in the World. The Era Ora is a Danish take on Italian food and French gourmet is served up in places such as Søllerød Kro, Formel B and Kokkeriet.

Hot dogs, bread and coffee

The Danish capital even offers innovative takes on traditional street food. The DOP cart in the old town, serves Danish hot dogs, or pølser as they are known locally, only these are organic and the bread roll is sourdough with whole wheat, rye and linseed.

The best bread in town is said to be found at Bech’s bakery on Store Kongensgade. Here you will find only one thing, sourdough bread of a recipe Bech says to have perfected over many years. Meanwhile, the best coffee is arguably to be had at the Coffee Collective in Nørrebro.


Copenhagen has a traditional love for beer and this is celebrated especially at Mikkeller, a small bar in Vesterbro. The place has 15 taps, 10 of which serve up a revolving roster of nearly 100 of Mikkeller’s wild beers. Some are available only at Mikkeller or they are released here first. At all ends of the range, therefore, the Danish love for great food is waiting to be enjoyed in Copenhagen.

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