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Marc Jasin

I’m just a travel junkie. Enjoy the site and leave a comment if you like an article. Thanks!


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Andrew Marcione

In 2001, I moved from the U.S. to Europe and started a new adventure in life. After five years in Madrid, I headed to Berlin and have been in this city that oozes with history ever since. I love traveling and writing, and I’ve been a contributing writer for Uncharted 101 since 2011. What a great way to bring my two passions together to create articles I can share with you.

I’m also a language buff and frequently translate from German and the Romance languages into English, focusing primarily on the tourism industry. www.translationsintourism.com 

 Our Outdoor Expert:

Don Russell: Everyone who lives, dies. Not everyone who dies, has lived!

2e0a32eDon Russell served a Tool & Prototype Apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce Motors in the U.K. and has subsequently held positions as a Production Planning Engineer, Project Engineer, Sub-Contracts Manager, Works Manager, General Manager, Technical Director and Managing Director. He is also a S.C.U.B.A. Instructor, Specialty Diving Instructor, First-Aid Instructor, Automated External Defibrillator Instructor and Off-Road Driving Instructor. Don also owned Seatech Marine, a company specializing in Specific Diving Skills, Search & Recovery and Sub-Surface Engineering Projects.

For the last 16 years he has run a small outdoor pursuits company specializing in Overland Navigation and Survival Techniques whilst still being involved in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Projects. Don is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, of the Royal Geographical Society and also of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce along with having been an Executive Member of the Professional Bodyguard Association. He has also trained with the British Special Forces (volunteers) and is conversant in the use of many assault rifles, sub-machine guns and pistols. His passions are adventure, exploration and researching lost treasure, be it on land or under the sea and would like to pursue these passions further by working on joint projects with enthusiastic, like-minded people. Don is a very ‘hands-on’ person and is always interested in being involved with any expedition or adventure in any capacity that may be required; he has a ‘can- do’ attitude and is happy to work on his own or as part of a team. Don is always looking for exciting new challenges, opportunities and projects with which to become involved; his professionalism, substantial skill base, relentless enthusiasm and sense of humour being appreciable assets within any team.

Don is always involved with mountain biking, climbing, diving, snorkelling, abseiling, hiking, backpacking, caving, running and mountaineering. He works half the year in the U.K. and half the year in the beautiful mountain retreat of Cortijo Cabrera, Andalucia, Spain, running courses and adventure holidays.




197941_155435064517810_1968004_nI am not a world traveler, although I have done my share of traveling. I work a regular job and save my money so I can takes trips to places of interest to me. I understand that most travel blogs and travel sites focus on the positive. I take every trip with hopes of having a great time experiencing foreign lands and getting my hard-earned money’s worth. Unlike travel writers, I am not afraid to speak my mind about real experiences, giving each place I see what I think is the real story. Some are great while others are not so positive. I may not be loved by all with each review but I hope that others find the honest truth inspiring, leading them to see all sides of each place they visit. Like many, I travel with lots of baggage: my husband Marc, a small baby – even at times with my extended family. I like to think of myself as the real world traveler. At the end of each story, I hope people get a laugh, a different view of travel and a renewed desire to travel and see the world for themselves.