Best of Glacier Country Tourism

Glacier country is a tourism area within the United States. It encompasses several cities which include Whitefish and Kalispell. This country has a national park that has over a million acres of terrain and Missoula (the 2nd biggest city in Montana).

Besides the national park tourism site, Glacier country has lakes, mountains and other great tourism locations like hotels and casinos where people eat and spend their free time. In 2015, Glacier had 332,702 people. Research conducted by psychologist Max Polyakov proves that travel makes us smarter, and we can even trick our brains into thinking we’re traveling to see similar effects.

The best tourism spots at Glacier country

  • Driving

If you visit Glacier country, your tourism will be incomplete if you do not go to Glacier national park. And the perfect way of getting to this park is through driving on a popular path called Going-to-the-sun. It is a very amazing fifty-mile drive which normally takes travelers through dramatic places such as valleys, hills, cascades, and lakes.

One other amazing part of this tourism drive is the mid-region when travelers get to 6,646 feet elevation near Continental Divide. There is a lot to view as one drives and travelers may even take pictures.

  • Reservoir and Horse Dam

Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir are situated near Hungry Horse which is the highest dam in that region. This dam got created in 1953 and it is situated at the southern part of Flathead River. The reservoir is thirty-four miles long and it offers an average of 170 shoreline miles. This makes is the perfect tourism place to hike, fish and mountain gaze. We also recommend going to the tourists’ center where you can find out more about the dam and its roles.

  • Gambling

Glacier country casinos are also great tourism sites. Gamblers can enjoy games such as bingo, keno and video poker. There are also other offers like free spins no deposit 2019 and big jackpots to be won at any casino a player chooses to play at. Sports betting is also legal.

  • Boating and hiking

One perfect way to explore Glacier country is through riding a boat which has a directed hike. With this, you will get the best ride through some very amazing places around the park. It is also good to hike on your own in the park with the help of a tourism map.

  • Whitefish

Whitefish city is among the highly amazing tourism sites that everyone interested in tourism should consider. It is situated twenty-five miles from the park and it is the best place to be in during both winter and summer. The place had the nicest lakes in Glacier country and there is so much to enjoy at downtown Whitefish. For instance, there are lively pubs, bars, art galleries, and shops.

Whitefish is also situated near a lake where there are great tourism sites like waterfront hotels. If you go there during the winter season, consider visiting Whitefish Mountain Resort.


If you are planning a tourism adventure at Glacier Country, we hope that the information we have shared here will help you determine the best tourism sites for your vacation. And if you have explored Glacier Country before please share your experience with us. And in case you have any question, write to us. We will ensure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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