Enjoy the Best Moments at Disney World with Your Pet

Do you like to travel with your 4-legged friend? In case the answer is “Yes”, you’ll definitely like to visit Disney resort hotels because they have everything for your pet. Read the article to select the best place to take a rest with your doggie

Dog-Friendly Disney Resort Hotels

Pet lovers who like real adventures and strive for the best impressions definitely have to visit Disney resort hotels. If you can’t leave your dog at home for a few days and desire to spend more time together, it’s time to pack your suitcase and go on a trip. Disney performs top-notch hotels where pet owners can live with their little friends. The resort offers all the needed conditions to make a master and his dog feel comfortable. Just imagine: you choose from 26 amazing hotels where you can live with your family and favorite animals. Explore our list containing the showiest resort accommodations to feel great with your loved ones. And don’t forget to use pet seat covers for leather seats while you’re traveling.

Top Disney Hotels You Can Visit with a Canine

As far as you decided to travel with your pet, we recommend you to pay attention to the following Disney resort hotels:

  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort;
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort;
  • Cabins at Disney’s Ft.Wilderness Resort;
  • Disney’s Port Orlean’s Riverside Resort.

The resort provides all the needed features to visitors who come here with their canines: the best dog toothpaste, specially arranged walkways, playing zones, etc. Notice that you can stay only with 2 pets at a hotel. Disney resort also leaves spaces free from canines because many visitors have allergic reactions. Hotels have to provide comfortable living conditions for everybody and that’s why there’s the need to avoid the interactions between these people and dogs.

Once you decided which resort accommodation to visit, prepare car seat covers and take your canine to meet real adventures. Your pet will feel comfortable while traveling to Disney’s World and you won’t have to clean your vehicle from fur and dirt. You’ll only have to take all the perks of the best resort hotels.

Disney Resort Hotels Dog Features

The territory of Disney hotels offer many resort features for people who come with their doggies:

  • when you enter a hotel in Disney World, you get a special Pluto’s gift welcoming you and your puppy on arrival. It contains different things to treat your pet;
  • hotels collaborate with a special service that provides dog care. You can enjoy Disney adventures while your canine will spend time with well-trained supervisors;
  • the resort doesn’t have room services for dogs in hotels but you can rely on Disney’s canine daycare.

If you want to explore the area alone or with your family there’s no problem with leaving your four-legged friend in a guest-room of a hotel. You can also use free time and learn how to wash car seat covers or study the territory of this place. But remember that you can leave your doggie in a resort’s guest room only in case it behaves nice and is ready to wait while you’re exploring Disney.


Now, you know where to stay during your vacation in Disney’s World. Prepare your puppy for the journey and take waterproof car seat covers to visit the best hotel you’ve ever visited. It’s going to be a fantastic trip! By the way, do you often travel with your pet? Share your experience!

Author’s Bio:Betti Wilson is a self-confessed dog lover. She has published many articles, blog posts on animals. She is a contributor for various animal-based information sites, answering many of the public’s questions on pets. And her labrador is her constant companion in all travels.

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