Taking A Trip to Nigeria

National Mosque

National Mosque

Travelling very exciting, especially if you are taking a trip to a different country, you get to learn new things, acquiring knowledge about a country, and cities you’ve never visited. You get to learn about their lifestyle, people, culture, their economic conditions and so much more. When you Travel to a foreign country, you get to explore, and have great adventures, you set an achievement and have great experiences, it restores your inner person, and refreshes your mind, especially after years and years of seeing the same places and the same buildings, and a boring routine of work, work and more work.

Nigeria is one of such places a country located in West Africa, with beautiful sites and attractions, a diversified cultural background, delightful dishes, festivals, and hospitable people. With stunning landscapes, serene cities and affordable 5star hotels, Nigeria really is a place that fulfills all that a tourist may desire.

A remarkable place to visit in Nigeria is the city of Lagos; actually most international flights to Nigeria come in through Lagos, which is a great opportunity to explore the city. The omu resort is an excellent attraction, with a zoo and freshwater sea world, a small museum, an amusement park, all packed into one, another exciting place is the Lagos Lagoon, with a large beach dividing the lagoon from the Atlantic ocean, which makes the lagoon a tourist delight, other places include the national theater, the cultural center, the freedom park, the black heritage museum, and more. Lagos also has some beautiful hotels, depending on your budget of course.

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria is a beautiful city, surrounded by rocks, and large hills. A popular one is the Zuma rock, a very beautiful monolith of more than 2000 ft. located at the outskirts of the city, it is usually referred to as the gate way of Abuja, another is the aso rock, located at the heart of Abuja, it is just behind the presidential villa, which is also quite beautiful, then there is the Jabi lake a beautiful water body surrounded by trees, and a wonderful place to visit, if you want to go on a picnic. Arts and Crafts village, is also a must visit; designed to look like a typical Nigerian village, you definitely will appreciate Nigerian arts when you visit. The Gurara water falls, is also a magnificent site, it is about an hour’s drive from Abuja, a place where you could truly appreciate nature.

The national mosque is also a work of art, a large complex with a golden dome, is also a must see, other places of interest include the national Christian center, the millennium park, wonderland, and the IBB golf course. Abuja also has some of the finest hotels, by Nigerian standards of course, the Sheraton hotel, located about 20 miles from the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, and the Hilton hotel, which is the biggest hotel in Africa.

There are other delightful places to visit, like the yankari wide life park in bauchi, the beautiful city of Calabar in cross river state, famous for its festivals, and many more. You should not leave Nigeria without tasting some of the local dishes, very delightful, some of them are very tasty, with lots of sea food in them. A very tasty one is the catfish pepper soup, if you visit Nigeria, you definitely would want to taste it, if you can stand the pepper of course.

So when next you plan a vacation, take a trip to Nigeria, it really is a wonderful place with hospitable people, and lovely dishes.

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