What to Bring for Camping

Archers Nat Park, Moab, UT

Archers Nat Park, Moab, UT

Besides your camping essentials like your tent, cooking equipment and others there are some things that you shouldn’t leave home without. Most importantly you need to bring your sense of adventure! You are living in nature so things like storms happen, solar hot water isn’t 100% reliable but if you are flexible you will make the best of it. Secondly bring what you think will make you comfortable during your trip. lf you are not comfortable, you will not be a happy camper. A few essentials that l would recommend bringing are toilet papers, plenty of drinking water and potable one, mosquito repellent and binoculars.

Do not forget common sense.Camping in a national park can be a very exciting experience, but don’t think for a second that designated camping sites are safe to go wandering around freely. Wild animals can’t read the signs demarcated around the camping area and therefore are likely to go wandering through both day and night which is what makes these spots so special. Make sure you look around constantly and be aware of what is around you.

At night make sure you have sufficient flashlight and extra batteries so that you can check what is around you before moving very far from the vehicle which I wouldn’t recommend doing unless you are on your way to the toilet. Having a camp fire at night helps let the animals know that you are there and will likely curb their curiosity and keep away from you.

Lastly be a respectful camper. There is nothing worse than arriving at a camp site to find garbage or a mess left behind by previous campers. Make use of garbage bins that are provided and if you can’t find one, pack out your garbage. Take only pictures and leave only footprints is the best motto to live by.

When camping near other people, be respectful of their space and control your noise levels. It will be much appreciated and respected by others as no one enjoys rude people.

So start dusting off your tents, get your equipments and supplies together, pack the car or get the tickets and passports ready and get out and have fun!!

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