Bogota’s Zona Gourmet – A Foodie’s Paradise

 A Foodie’s Paradise

A Foodie’s Paradise

Close to the multinational firms, international hotels and located in an attractive section of Bogota, the Zona Gourmet is foodie heaven at a price. Colombian food has its strengths and weaknesses, a fine ajiaco soup that perfectly blends several types of potato, corn and chicken with the secret ingredient of guasca is unrivalled on a cold day on the plateau of Bogota. And for those fish lovers, a trip to the Embajada del Pacifico near to Las Aguas reveals a world within a world of fish restaurants run by natives of the Choco region.

But, there is one section in Bogota where you will find a fine selection of international and Colombian run restaurants that provide world class cuisine, the Zona G.

The Zona G: Rosales and Quinta Camacho

Rosales and Quinta Camacho is a well-healed section of Bogota and the rent here is amongst the most expensive per square meter in South America, some of the restaurants reflect this of course, but you do get a bang for your buck or peso in several of the longer standing and established restaurants here.

The Zona G differs from the Zona T further uptown and the Zona C in the colonial Candelaria (Bogota’s hipsters have repackaged and renamed several areas!) in that restaurants here survive only if they are delivering on their promise and so there are several stalwarts that always draw a faithful crowd.

With architecture that would not look out of place in England the four of five square blocks that make up the Zona G are positively littered with dining options from the ubiquitous Argentine steakhouse to Oriental, fusion and seafood.

Recommended Dining Options in Bogota’s Zona G

For seafood lovers you’ll do no better than either feasting on Peruvian cuisine and the internationally lauded Astrid y Gaston (Cra 7 No. 67-64) or the dark and atmospheric 69 Oyster Bar (Calle 69A No. 5-59). Just along the same street from the 69 Oyster Bar you are spoilt for choice if you fancy a spectacular cut of beef in the aptly named La Biferia (Calle 69A No.5-61). This elegantly designed building with high ceilings, long windows and blood red walls delivers.

On the other side you can try out the Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s favorite haunt in Bogota, the Criterion (Calle 69A No. 5-75). The cuisine is listed here in the Criterion as francesa moderna and President Calderon is rumored to order dozens of platters to go to take with him on the presidential jet.

For Colombian food there are two excellent options in Harry’s Bar (Calle 70 No. 5-57) and Local (Calle 69A No. 9-09) and so if you are in town in business just for a few days you can head down to this safe area of town and try some of the local specialties such as posta cartagenera or a calentado.

Cafes in the Zona G

Just along the Calle 70 at No. 5-23 is Authors bookstore, attached to which is a charming Diletto café. Here you can pick up the latest edition of the local English newspaper, The City Paper or the most recent Economist and settle back in the café with a strong coffee to recharge your batteries before deciding upon where to dine.

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