The best kid-friendly attractions in Boston

Ducktours boston,

Ducktours boston,

by Morgan Medeiros,

There’s more to Boston than baked beans. The diversity of historical and recreational sites around the Bay Colony makes Boston a memorable city, even for younger set.

Boston is located on the Shawmut Peninsula, jutting into Boston Harbor, the site of the historic Boston Tea Party. There is no better way to experience this city than by taking in the sites by both land and sea. Boston’s Duck Tours will delight children and adults alike. Climb aboard an amphibious landing vehicle for a guided tour of the city, including Bunker Hill, the State House with its golden dome, and Boston Common. Once you’ve seen these and other sites by land, the vehicle plunges into the Charles River, converting to its aquatic state for a view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines. Duck Tour information is available at For an entirely indoor experience, The New England Aquarium features fifty plus exhibits, including penguins, seals, sharks, and whales. These and other marine creatures will delight children. The aquarium also occasionally offers “meet the animal” exhibits. Splash over to for more information.

For sports enthusiasts, Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, is a must-see. Since its opening in 1912, Baseball greats such as Babe Ruth and Jimmy Collins have called Fenway Park home. Even if visitors are in Boston during the off season and can’t catch a game, Fenway offers tours of the park. For ticket or tour information, visit the Major League Baseball’s website at

If The Red Sox aren’t the team to root for, head to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. For the past 250 years, the Marketplace has been the seat of Boston commerce. Wander through shops and restaurants set in the cobblestone promenade that once held fishermen, merchants, and produce sellers. Jugglers, magicians, and musician perform throughout the Marketplace. Boston isn’t nicknamed “Beantown” for nothing, and the Durgin Park restaurant, located in the Marketplace, doesn’t disappoint. Durgin Park’s beans deliver the signature, hearty kick of molasses that made this dish a nation-wide favorite. The beans are prepared on premises in large stone crock, according to tradition. Durgin Park also features a wide array of seafood, as well as Yankee Pot Roast. Marketplace information and a restaurant guide are available at

The Freedom Trail is perhaps the most popular tour of Boston, and for good reason. Costumed guides lead tourgoers on the 2.5 mile walk through sixteen historic sites pivotal to the American Revolution. The Old North Church, where Paul Revere received the signal that “The British are Coming!” and Paul Revere’s personal residence are included as is the, The U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest warship still afloat in the world. Visit these and other interesting site in America’s brave beginning. Visit for more information.

For another, even more distant glimpse into the nation’s past, Plimoth Plantation lies a mere forty miles outside of Boston. Experience life in the 1600’s, with costumed “townspeople” in a recreation of a 1627 New England Village. Children will be thrilled to see the lives of the pilgrims play before their eyes, especially after climbing aboard a full-scale reproduction of The Mayflower. Modern-day Wampanoag Indians are on site as well to provide information on the history and the culture of the Wampanoag Indian Tribe. For more information on how to plan a trip to the site at

Boston is by no means a city for the stuffy older set. Rather, it’s the perfect opportunity for kids to dabble in National and Regional culture through the interesting modes of sights, sounds, sports, and savoring of this breathtaking city.

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