Zona C – La Candelaria, Bogota

    La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia, Credit- flicker-szeke

La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia, Credit- flicker-szeke

Cultural Attractions and Gastronomy in Bogota

In a re-branding effort to pull Bogota’s colonial center in line with other chic sectors of the Colombian capital, La Candelaria is renamed the Zona C. Bogota’s Candelaria, the downtown colonial district beloved of tourists and visitors, home to the world renowned Gold Museum, the famous Hotel de la Opera and the Presidential Palace has been re-branded.

In a move that smacks of some fancy publicity driven organization in a shiny glass office high above the city streets, La Candelaria has now followed suit behind other areas in Bogota that have more “youthful”, “urban” or hip nomenclatures.

The Zona C

Presumably the Zona C refers to the Candelaria but the intention behind the move is well intentioned. La Candelaria suffers from a lack of security being so close to Carrera 10 and the unsavory barrios beyond to the south. The re-branding is an attempt to bring more Colombians in addition to the droves of foreign tourists who come to the area for its ambiance, nightlife and affordable residences.

Gastronomy in the Zona C

Presumably with the arrival of more Colombians, not just the weekday crowds from Congress and other Public Offices that lunch hereabouts, communication will in turn bring more people to the Candelaria, create a greater turnover of income and of course through careful investment will aid the clean up and restoration of an oft-overlooked area.

The Zona C does have more than its fair share of fine dining establishments to bring many more to these antiquated ramshackle streets. Fancy an Argentine Parrilla, there are three places to choose from. For seafood Mar de La Candelaria, for fusion El Olivar, for French cuisine Bonaparte…in short there is everything!

Museums and Cultural Attractions in the Zona C

Should you find yourself lunching one afternoon in the Candelaria or staying here a few days in one of the affordable hostels then take full advantage of the Candelaria’s cultural attractions such as the aforementioned Gold Museum, the newly completed Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center, the Quinta de Bolivar, the Botero Collection or the Museum of Colonial Art. Of course only a short walk can take you to the well known bullring

The Zona G and the Zona T

One supposes that the idea behind the Zona C came from the same person who thought up the Zona G and the Zona T. In the leafy well to do barrio of Rosales one can find the Zona G – the Zona Gastronomica, and then further north the Zona T – so called for the shape of the pedestrianized area lined with the ubiquitous Irish pub, eclectic and fashionable bars and restaurants.

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