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Learning is all about new experiences, and traveling is one of the best ways to gain them. That’s a major reason why so many young people choose to take advantage of their relative freedom and explore the world. However, taking a trip within the U.S can be a complicated process, to say nothing of traveling internationally. Unfamiliar places can be exciting and enriching, but a single mistake or missed detail can put a damper on what should be a wonderful time. If you’re a high school student preparing for such an adventure, or a parent helping your son or daughter get ready for one, advance planning is necessary to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

For instance, foreign countries are not theme parks where everyone is focused on your comfort and convenience. If your destination involves an unfamiliar culture, you should arrive knowing what is acceptable. A wrong word, gesture or article of clothing could inadvertently offend someone and create an awkward situation. If you have a friend who has already made the trip, ask for advice and insights that you won’t find in a book or online. 

Even if you won’t be flying overseas, it’s essential to pack appropriately. This may mean leaving valuables other than your phone or essential electronics at home. If you take prescription medications, don’t forget to pack enough for your entire trip. And be sure your passport and/or photo ID are current.

Whether the plan is to go abroad or just downstate, experiencing new places and people can be a great way for students to supplement their education. For more tips about preparing for such an adventure, see the accompanying infographic. It contains some helpful advice for young adults who are getting ready to see more of the world. 

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Author bio: Mark Sotile is Director of Sales for GradCity, which specializes in spring and summer trips for graduating high school seniors and their families. GradCity offers all travel-related needs to multiple destinations, on-site staffing, exclusive events for all travelers and year-round travel specialist assistance. GradCity is the largest travel company for this market. 

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