Without a Trace: Enjoying Nature without Changing It



Enjoying the great outdoors is something that everyone should do. If you live in a city, there is nothing better than getting away from the noise and being surrounded by nature. Canada has so many beautiful places to see that you could easily spend your life exploring it.

One of the most important rules about enjoying the great outdoors is making sure you leave it as you find it. So how should you go about doing this?

Plan in Advance

Planning properly will allow you to enjoy yourself more while making sure you have as little impact upon the natural landscape as possible. Before you go off into the great outdoors, find out about any permits, regulations, and rules that apply so that you can avoid any difficulties when you arrive.

You should also find out what the weather will be like, and take the correct equipment, maps and outdoor apparel for your needs. If you are going hiking, this will help you to get to your destination and avoid the need to have to set up a campfire in an undesignated area, for example, so careful planning is always crucial

Clean Up After Yourself

One of the golden rules of camping or hiking is to avoid leaving any trash behind you. Not only does it look unattractive, but it can also harm the wildlife. So plan your meals beforehand and make sure that you know what you will do with your trash. Then before you leave an area after eating, inspect the surrounding area to make sure you haven’t left anything that shouldn’t be there.

Also make sure you dispose of all wastewater far away from any any streams or lakes. Human waste should be disposed of properly in a deep hole a long way from any areas used by other people, such as campsites, trails, or water sources.

Reduce Your Impact on the Area

You may like the idea of taking a souvenir home with you to remind you of your trip, but avoid the temptation. This can be just as damaging as leaving trash behind. Leave any flowers, rocks, animals, and artifacts exactly as you found them so that other people can enjoy them as well.

Don’t cut down trees or branches, don’t build any structures, and don’t carry out destructive practices such as hammering nails into trees. Remember, the aim is to have as little impact on the natural surroundings as possible.

Be Careful with Your Campfire

Fires can cause unnecessary damage, so if you are camping and you want to have a fire you should be especially careful. Use an existing fireplace if there is one, and choose a spot with a sufficient supply of wood. Keep it small, and make sure it is properly put out before you move on.

Even better, take a stove instead. A stove is light and just as effective, and cleaning up is easier, so it can help you to reduce your impact even further.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Without Leaving a Trace

Exploring the great outdoors is best when you don’t leave a trace behind you. Follow the above guidelines and leave the natural area exactly as you found it so that the next people can enjoy it as well. We can all do our part, and if everyone follows the basic rules, our wild and beautiful places will remain that way.

Dan Howell has a passion for nature. He frequently writes about enjoying nature while protecting it on nature and camping blogs.

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