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Imagine wide, flat, grasslands with black and white cows, yes it’s about Netherlands. A very scenic country especially in rural areas which are dotted with beautiful villages, old farms, and of course, windmills. Netherlands provides a rich cultural heritage and is famous for its painting museums, windmills, and is known for its liberal mentality. People here welcome travelers warmly, plus so many sights make this country very nice and a great travel destination.

Cycling is one of the best part here, with paths for bicycle crossing all around the country. It’s been easy to cycle around and find your destination. Be aware with the traffic though, trams and bikes have right of way here. The Dutch drive on the right, the priority is given to traffic approaching from the right.

It’s always cold in Netherlands. You might need a jacket in the morning even in Summer. Well, it’s a northern city.  Just be aware that winds can be strong and that winters can be cold and rainy. Bring a cap that covers your head and neck to keep you comfortable. Umbrella is a very important gear to help you from the rain. But I suggest a raincoat instead, because the strong wind may break your umbrella.

Before coming here, make sure you have all the money you want to spend in cash. Most vendors only take cash, and ATMs are hard to find. And, you might want to make a budget, it’s a place with fabulous shopping.

Places to visit:


Amsterdam is a quite nice city to stroll. Rijksmuseum is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam, it has a large collection from the Dutch Golden Age. Works of Rembrandt, Jacob van Ruysdael, and Frans Hals can be found here. A very suitable place for those who seek inspiration through art. Better start looking for a place to stay here such as hostels. Amsterdam is Netherlands  most populous city and sometimes, its hard to find accommodation.


This is a town of windmills. There are 19 windmills that are fully functioning, and serve to drain excess water from the Alblasserwaard polders.

3. Zaanse Schans

nAside from its beautiful windmills, Zaanse Schans also has a traditional museum that displays traditional crafts and old Dutch houses.

4. Bulb Region

For those who are curious with the tulip flower, Bulb Region has the tulip fields. It’s seasonal though, so you might want to plan your holiday for spring season. They generally bloom in April until June.

A country uniquely blessed with beautiful sights and attractions, rich of cultural heritage, the Netherlands is a fantastic choice for an unforgettable European holiday.

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