Wide Open Wyoming: Driving Tips

scenic route- WY

scenic route- WY

Wyoming is known for its vast prairies and stunning vistas as well as the magnificent Grand Tetons and cascading waterfalls of Yellowstone. With long stretches of interstate and high mountain roads to contend with, we are offering up a few driving tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

1. Slow Down – wildlife is prevalent throughout the state. In the high plains you can expect to see pronghorn and deer whereas in the higher elevations there are more occurrences of elk, bear and moose. Watch for wildlife on the road, especially in evenings and morning… In addition, there are stretches of roads and highways that are open for grazing.

2. Plan Route Accordingly – some of Wyoming’s mountain passes and scenic byways are only open in the summer months. Road construction and delays may occur but with proper knowledge, this can be easily avoided. Check Wyoming Road Conditions at www.wyoroad.info or 1-888-WYO-ROAD (888-996-7623)

3. Check the Weather – Wyoming wind, snow, ice and rain can dramatically impact driving conditions across the state. Check local and state weather forecasts before heading out by clicking here.

4. Take the Scenic Route – when possible, take a scenic byway or backway offering intimate settings and grandiose views. Wyoming has thirteen designated scenic byways and four designated backways.

5. Get Out and Explore – too many of us are in a rush these days. Make a promise to yourself to slow down and enjoy the journey. Stop at scenic overlooks, visit road-side attractions and historical markers.

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