Why trips always seem longer on the way there than back

86 Oldsmobile

86 Oldsmobile

I think , if I’m not mistaken this statement implies that I exist(Desecrates) thank God  for a moment I was getting a bit worried, one reason why you might have the perception that arriving at your vacation destination or for that matter any destination took longer than the return trip home might be that you ,the traveler weren’t in any great a hurry to arrive at you’re destination.Why you might ask? Someone ,though I am not sure who that person was or whether they had ever driven through the White mountains of New Hampshire in an 86 Oldsmobile’s with almost four new tires, once said ” getting there is half the fun.”

The question to be asked, though perhaps not out of any great necessity to do so, is why would you the traveler be in a hurry to arrive at you ‘re destination if doing so meant experiencing half of the fun you would be expecting to have throughout the entirety of your trip. Would not you, the traveler, simply want to ease up on the accelerator so you could smell the roses, assuming that you enjoy the scent of roses, an assumption which may or may or not be well founded, want to enjoy the sights and just let this half of your trip pass with an ease that fits the moment rather than putting the pedal to the metal ( I really like the sound of this little cliche, it has a certain rhythmical quality) and by doing so arrive at you’re destinations somewhat white from all the near misses, of course if this last part concerns a mode of travel where you were  flying, on a bus or train you might want to re-consider  your choice of travel agent.

I have had a similar experience but on a return trip home while driving through the White mountains of New Hampshire in my 86 Olds. That is, the trip home seemed to take forever. An experience which may well be explained less to some insightful thoughts concerning human experiences concerning travel  and  more to the fact that I was lost, a state of panic which was helped little by the view through the front window of my car;mountains, nothing more than mountains and what seemed to me, at the time, to be an endless sight of nothing more than blue sky, though on this particular day it would be  more accurate to say  an endless sky of grey clouds, as well as the fact that I, not remotely resembling anything close to a  mechanic, was somewhat bothered  by  the strange noises coming from the engine compartment of my 86 Olds.

In summation ,while getting there might may be half the fun, depending on your mode of travel, one reason why, you the traveler might experience this same sensation of being in a state of suspended animation while  driving  to your vacation destination may be found in the expression ” getting there is half the fun” but  the reason for this same   experience  on your return trip, may  be found not in  the expression” getting there is half the fun” but more in the condition of your chose of a mode of transportation as well as your capacity to find your way back.

Ah the joys of travel!

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