Why Did Our Tire Go Flat in Akron, Ohio?

goodyear-tiresAs we were driving on Interstate 76 in Ohio, we managed to hit a small piece of metal in the roadway and next thing we knew, we were hearing a tire flap.  Colin was able to drive to the breakdown lane as Ethel got on the phone with AAA.  Several prompts later, we were trying to describe our position on the highway when there was a tap on Ethel’s window and a man in a safety vest appeared.  Ohio has a highway safety program that provides assistance for disabled cars.  He helped unload the trunk, got the donut tire on, reloaded our trunk, and only asked that we fill out a comment card. Wow! We think that it might be a good idea for every state to have a safety program like this.

Meanwhile, Colin called the rental car company to find an exchange car.  We were told to go to the Akron airport which the GPS told us was nearby. As we made our exit from the highway, the first sign we saw was for Goodyear Headquarters,
then another for the Goodyear test facility, and nearby, the hangar for the Goodyear Blimps.  We had a flat tire in the tire capital of the United States!

Our question: Does Goodyear put obstructions on the Interstate to assist motorists in having flat tires?  I doubt it, but it was a strange place to have a flat!  We arrived at the rental car facility, exchanged cars, and finally we were on our way again.  Hopefully, Goodyear got some business… but we were not among those lucky enough to be invited to ride on one of the Goodyear Blimps.

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