Where the Hotel Staff Makes All the Difference

Holiday Inn, Oceanside, CA

Holiday Inn, Oceanside, CA

My wife and I decided to take a quick trip to the beach and selected Oceanside, California. Neither of us had been before, and we were up for something new. The next question that came up: “Where should we stay?”

I have a particular fondness for Holiday Inn and remember it being just a little nicer than others of the same price range. I also spent years working at a hotel, and maybe I’m a little more critical than most people. This Holiday Inn, however, was above par than any other I had stayed in before; therefore, it truly deserves a great review.

The lobby is clean and welcoming, with plenty of ice-cold water, fresh coffee, and a bowl brimming with fruit every day. I also experienced the smoothest check-in ever.

The Junior Suite

The Junior Suite

Upon signing up for the hotel’s rewards program at check-in, we were upgraded to a junior suite, which was a nice touch. It was clean and spacious with a separate seating area, plus amenities that included a fridge, safe and microwave. If we had planned to spend our little holiday watching the flat screen TV, we would have certainly been entertained with an extensive list of channels. The queen-size beds were comfortable and topped with a proper comforter and a selection of soft and firm pillows. For a breath of fresh air, we simply opened the wide windows and filled the room with an invigorating ocean breeze.

Observation deck at night

Observation deck at night

Although we didn’t eat at the restaurant, the menu offered a list of nice dishes at decent prices. For those interested in some exercise, there’s a fitness room and tucked-away swimming pool, both of which are small but clean and in good condition. To watch the setting sun over the Pacific, the hotel has a rooftop ”Observation Deck,” which provides wonderful views of the ocean and a quaint harbor reminiscent of New England.

Despite all of this, what makes this Holiday Inn stand out is its staff. I and my family have never been greeted so warmly and treated with such kindness.

Jacob at the front desk

Jacob at the front desk

Every time we walked in or out, the front desk staff asked how we were and what we were doing. We wondered why at first, but then it dawned on us that it was their way of making sure we had everything we needed.

For instance, when we were heading out the door one morning, a young man named Jacob at the front desk inquired where we were off to. We told him the beach, to which he smiled brightly and said: “Then, you’ll need some beach towels, won’t you?” A few seconds later, he appeared with two clean towels tucked snugly in a totebag.

One employee went as far as to learn my two childrens’ names, and everyone made an effort to see that our stay was as comfortable as possible. Even when my wife wanted to buy a few items at the small sundry kiosk in the lobby, the front desk agent simply charged the amount to our room—no fuss, no muss.

The entire staff was consistently like this, expressing kindness without giving it a second thought. It also takes an impressive manager to hire and train employees to be so friendly, considerate and efficient. Kudos to all of you, and thank you for the great experience.

Location: 1401 Carmelo Drive, Oceanside, California

Website: Holiday Inn Oceanside, CA

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