What to Pack: Wardrobe Essentials for Any Destination



by Georgia Donnelly,

Great style doesn’t come from owning every ‘stylish’ piece of clothing in a magazine, it comes from the ability to make a little into a lot. Packing isn’t much different. You don’t need to bring a lot when you travel, you just have to pick out the essentials and earn to mix, match and piece together great looks!

Picking your travel outfit

While-you-travel style will set the tone for your trip. Style not only comes from what you wear, but how you carry yourself. Even if you are dressed in the best quality clothes, if you’re a frazzled mess at the airport it won’t matter. Be sure to check maps and news before you head out. Escape potential parking tickets, road blocks like removable bollards. This way your mind can be free as you grace the airport tunnels with your most memorable cat walk.

Comfortable jeans, Credit-happyhomefairy.com

Comfortable jeans, Credit-happyhomefairy.com

When you’re getting ready for the airport, you don’t want to get “too ready. ” Keep sweat pants, Uggs and hats at home. Heels, overdone make-up and push-up bras are other airport “no-nos.” You want to pick an outfit that is functional, comfortable and made of items that can be worn again. For example, choose a great pair of comfortable, well-tailored jeans; match with a classic t-shirt, and layer with an easy sport coat and a scarf. Polish it all off with riding-style boots, limited accessories and a carry-on bag.

Everything Bag

Pick one tote bag that goes with everything that you can bring on your day-to-day adventures. Save more luggage space and use the same bag as your carry-on.


Although it can be hard, limit the amount of shoes you bring on a trip. Think about what you’ll be doing. If you plan to go out and enjoy the night life of your destination, choose a pair of shoes that can go with multiple ‘going out’ outfits. This simplifies your luggage from having three-plus pairs of heels to one. If you plan to spend days sightseeing, choose one pair of comfortable and versatile shoes that you can wear each day.

Essential White Blouse

face-940018_960_720Bring a blouse that can be worn over a bikini on the beach or layered under a blazer and a scarf. The white blouse is like the little black dress of day wear. It’s the ultimate “get up and go” accessory, don’t leave for a vacation without it!

Classic Jeans

Luckily, you’ve already covered this with your en-route look. With jeans, think about where you will be going. Skinny jeans will work better in a city than they will on a hike through the jungle, although the jeans that are a great fit for all-day excursion may not transfer as well to cocktails at an up-and-coming lounge. Base your jean selection around what you will use most, and stick to one or two pairs.

Little Black Dress strong

Black dress, Credit- glamradar/pinterest

Black dress, Credit- glamradar/pinterest

The little black dress fits perfect into any occasion. Wear it casually with a jean jacket and flats for a day of sight-seeing. Seamlessly make the dress night-ready with accessories, pumps and full make-up.

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