What to Look for in Your Perfect Singles Holiday Agency

Bridge crossing

Bridge crossing

A singles holiday allows you to experience group travel without putting a group together yourself. You still have to decide which agency to book with. With a little research, you can find the right singles tour for you.

Single travelers don’t benefit from the advantages of traveling in a group. A single traveler misses out on the group experience, the safety of traveling in numbers and the discounts offered to people traveling together. Single holiday packages give group benefits to you if you’re planning on traveling solo, but you still need to know what to look for and what to avoid.

Gauge Experience

How experienced is your travel agency with single holiday treks? A solid tour leader on singles holidays is necessary, for starters. The leader can head off any potential problems within the group, keep everyone on schedule and make sure everyone is following the tour rules. A more established agency is more likely to have experienced and professional tour leaders. Try to concentrate on agencies that have at least a decade worth of experience in the travel business. If the agency is a member of a local travel association, consider it a plus, as members often have to meet certain industry standards.

Read Reviews

Look at reviews of the tour agency’s single treks and vacations from people who have actually taken a trip. You’ll find reviews on the agency’s official website and in travel-related forums, such as websites and personal blogs. Reviews from actual travelers can give you an idea of the company’s service and your potential tour experience. If you have a local business review group, check the agency’s satisfaction ratings there as well.

Check the Fine Print

All terms, rules and prices for singles tours should be easy to get in writing from the agency. You’ll need to see the rules so you know what the agency has put in place to curb problem group members. Just one person in the group causing trouble can ruin the experience for everyone else, so it’s vital the agency has set expectations for behavior from travelers. Groups that pair people together by age range are preferable, as it’s more likely you’ll find people who have similar interests to yours.

Fees should be clear and available on the agency’s website and at your request. A detailed, easy to understand fee schedule ensures you won’t have unpleasant surprises later that you never budgeted for. Don’t be afraid to ask the agency questions if you’re not entirely sure about some of the charges and what the tour fees cover.

No matter where you decide to go, make sure you’ve thoroughly vetted the tour agency and the trip plan first. If you’re familiar with all the rules and feel confident in your singles tour decision before you go, you’ll be more relaxed and open to the experience.

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