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Cheap Airline Tickets

Cheap Airline Tickets

by Venice Kichura,

Practical Tips for First Time Overseas Travelers

Overseas flights and trips are exciting, but first timers need to know what to expect. Here are some tips for an enjoyable experience. Flying overseas for the first time is a thrilling experience. However, often first-timers don’t know what to expect and leave home without the essentials. To ensure that first overseas trip is an experience of a lifetime, do your homework before leaving.

Electrical Converters for Overseas Because the electricity wattage is different in each country overseas you need to buy a converter. Sold at electronic and major department stores, converters are essential for tasks such as charging your digital cameras, cell phones or laptops.

Keep Your Passport on You

It’s important to keep your passport or visa on your person at all times. Have a standard place for it so there’s no problem of losing it. Battery Operated Noise Machines for Sleeping Overseas For many people the humming noise provided by fans is essential for falling asleep. When you have to use converters for electric fans, it means you have to get up to reset them, nullifying the purpose of a good night’s sleep. That’s why many overseas travelers use battery operated noise machines for falling sleep. With many of the sleep machines, you can choose various noises ranging from the sounds of ocean waves to falling rain.

Sharing Overseas Travel Itinerary

Before leaving home, you should share your total travel itinerary with others, including airline flight numbers, dates and times of departures and returns, as well as hotel numbers.. This allows the person with your itinerary to check your flight plans, adjusting plans in case your flight is delayed.

Exchanging Currency

Although you can exchange your currency a local banks before leaving, often you’ll get a better rate by waiting until you arrive at your overseas country. Besides airport ATMS, most Eastern European hotels have banks in close walking distance, complete with ATMs.

Airline Food on International Flights

Special diets Before leaving home, ask about available menu choices, especially if you have any food allergies. If you’re a vegetarian, ask for a vegetarian variety of a meal, such as “Italian vegetarian meal.” Special meals need at least 24 to 48 hours advance notice before the day of the flight. Once aboard, don’t be afraid to politely remind flight attendances regarding your special meal.

Midnight meals – International flights usually involve at least eight to nine hours in the air, often at night. If you’re not used to eating this late, it can make you sick, so it’s best not to eat if you fear you’ll throw up on the plane.

Travel Jackets for Overseas Touring

Rather than be burdened with a heavy bag, learn to travel light. For example, there are travel jackets with more than the average number of zippered pockets for storing credit cards and currency. What’s more, you won’t be an invitation to local pickpockets to swipe your bag.

Flying Home from Overseas

Many first-timers to an international flight are surprised to learn about reporting any items given to them while overseas. What’s more, they also have to endure a double baggage check when returning to their home airports. For security reasons, some airports require travelers to claim their bags not once, but twice on baggage terminals, as well as go through security twice. To the time-weary traveler, anxious to get back home, it can seem as if he’s going on a trip rather than returning home. However, just remember that it’s done to enhance security, giving travelers more peace of mind.

Finally, talk to as many people as possible who’ve already flown overseas. The more information you have before leaving, the better your flight and trip will be.

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