Ways to stay entertained while camping

    camping, credit-hurleydust.com

camping, credit-hurleydust.com

by Stephen Mattson

Camping is great way to experience and enjoy what nature has to offer. Unfortunately, for people used to routines filled with hectic deadlines, modern technology, and the luxuries of civilization, camping can be dull and boring. How does one survive without Facebook, television, and the internet? By following a few simple tips, anyone can avoid boredom while in the great outdoors.

* Explore!

Once a person stops moving and becomes emotionally and physically stagnant, they get tired and complacent. Take the initiative to explore the wilderness around you. Be daring, and don’t be afraid to veer off the main paths and trails – create your own way! Meandering through the woods ignites a deep-rooted sense of adventure and excitement. Climb rocks, descend into ravines, traverse the rivers, and scale the cliffs. The experience will allow you to witness new scenery and wild animals, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

* Build!

If you’re next to a river, build a dam, or if you’re deep in the forest, try constructing a lean-to. By working on a project, individuals and groups get a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and determination. Upon achieving the task, a camper is filled with a profound sense of accomplishment and pride.  Throughout history natives, trappers, traders, and explorers depended on their industrious creativity to build shelters, paths, lookouts, traps, and various other projects in order to help them survive. Not only does doing these things teach valuable
survival skills, but it enables campers to interact with the various elements of nature.

* Hunt and Track

Camping is a wonderful opportunity to observe animals within their natural habitat. If you have the necessary licenses and follow lawful procedures, camping can offer the perfect time to hunt. Try to outwit prey by using stealth, patience, and cunning. Any outdoor trip can be transformed into a thrilling experience by employing the primal techniques of hunting, and if you’re unable to hunt, try tracking an animal. These games not only provide entertainment, but they allow people the opportunity to examine and study the beauty, habits, and lifestyles of various animals.

* Games

Sometimes the weather can make outdoor activities impossible, so always be prepared by packing games that require littlevmaintenance and are easy to play. Pack a set of cards, a checkerboard, or other forms of entertainment that are fun for everyone. If the weather is nice, have friendly competitions outside by seeing who can build a fire the fastest, throw rocks the most accurately, swim the furthest, hold their breadth underwater the longest, or tell the scariest story.

Even though camping provides an occasion to relax, rest, and benefit from the peacefulness of nature, it should also be an experience filled with excitement, adventure, exploration, and fun. Make sure the time isn’t wasted by being bored, lazy, or inactive, and make the most of every camping opportunity.

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