Warm and affordable winter escapes

by Tim Rowley,
It’s getting towards the end of November, the number of Christmas ads on TV is increasing and the temperature outside is dropping. If you’ve got an urge to head off to sunnier climes before Christmas, after it, or wish to avoid it completely, then it’s worth noting there are some great cheap late holidays out there to be had.

Curium Beach, Cyprus credits: CyprusPictures

Curium Beach, Cyprus credits: CyprusPictures

Escape the winter and soak up the rays that are only a mere three hours away from the UK: cheap holidays in the Algarve, for example, start from around £200. For a hundred pounds more, the warm and hospitable island of Malta awaits you. The Costas on mainland Spain enjoy average year round temperatures of low thirties, dipping only slightly throughout the winter months. Across the Mediterranean, the fabulous cuisine and comfortable climate of Cyprus is also a popular winter option. For those who prefer it warmer still, heading to the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt will guarantee even more sunshine and higher temperatures, not to mention an abundance of exotic markets, ancient histories and cultures or fabulous diving.

If you are looking for a ten day or longer break, then long haul flights or holidays to Asia might be worth considering. The price of air travel to Asia is offset by the cost of food and accommodation once there, making a Far Eastern break cost around a thousand pounds for two weeks in the sun. It is entirely possible to catch a plane over to Ho Chi Minh for approximately £700 and then head to the coast, city or countryside on landing, at a much cheaper price than going on a packaged holiday.  All that is required to enter and explore the fabulous country of Vietnam is a pre-arranged Visa.

  Vietnam - Ho Chi Min ,Credits: Eric Borda

Vietnam – Ho Chi Min ,Credits: Eric Borda

That isn’t to say, however, that package holidays do not represent good value for money. Package holidays for families or all inclusive breaks are often the best deals – even in the holidays including in the winter break when prices tend to increase. However it pays to shop around either online or in travel agents for the best deal. There are, for example, currently package holidays to Goa in December for a fortnight on offer for less than six hundred pounds.

So, whether you want to hit the Mediterranean this winter, or have the time to lose yourself in the mystically rich and shimmering awesomeness of some Asian countries, check out the price of winter flights, hotels and packages, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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