Visiting Trieste in Italy

    Castle Miramare - Travel Eden on Flickr

Castle Miramare – Travel Eden on Flickr

Situated in the northeast of Italy, next to the Slovenian border and the Adriatic coast, the stylish town of Trieste offers something for everyone. From the architecture to the food, the town of Trieste in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region successfully combines the very best of Italy and its neighboring countries.

Sitting grandly along the Gulf of Trieste, it is possible to recapture some of the geographical, cultural and economic importance that Trieste once enjoyed as the only port of the Austro-Hungarian empire. At the end of World War 1, that may have changed but what remains is a series of breathtaking buildings from its period of power and a stark reminder of its former prosperity.

Built by the Austrians back in the early 19th century, the main piazzas are lined with grand neoclassical buildings, decadent art nouveau architecture and an array of impressive statues. It is hardly surprising that Trieste was once home and inspiration to Irish novelist James Joyce.

Places To See

Home to some of Trieste’s finest architecture including the Palazzo del Governo, the Palazzo del Lloyd Triestino and the Town Hall, the Piazza Dell’Unita is also the largest seaside piazza in Europe. The best views of the Adriatic and what was once a key port can be found outside one of the numerous restaurants or cafes on this piazza.

Adjacent to the Piazza Dell’Unita, there is the Piazza della Borsa.

The castello and cattedrale di San Giusto are situated on a hill of the same name and offer far-reaching views across Trieste and the Adriatic Sea. From here, it is possible to view Roman ruins and, for a small admission fee, take a tour of the 14th century castle and visit the museum.

Around five miles west of Trieste, the famous Castle of Miramare overlooks the Bay of Grignano. Surrounded by 54 acres of parkland, it boasts a vast array of tropical trees and plants. With the exception of some restoration work, the castle itself remains as it has always been so there is a real sense of history. The museum and gardens are open all year around although opening times vary.

For literary lovers, the Joyce Museum is located on the second floor of the Attilio Hortis Public Library on the Piazza Hortis, just a few minutes walk from the center.

To celebrate Christmas, the town is tastefully decorated and illuminated with festive lights. The Christmas market or Fiera di San Nicolo is held in the first week of December and stalls selling sweets, toys and other festive items run along the Viale XX Settembre.

How to Reach Trieste and Getting Around

Transporting locals and visitors for over 100 years, the tram is the most authentic way to travel through Trieste. Leaving from Piazza Oberdan, in the center, the tram weaves its way through the town before climbing 348 meters above sea level to the Carso Plateau.

Trieste is a two hour train journey from Venice.

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