Visiting Harare This Spring?? Learn How to Enhance the Joys of Your Visit



by Barbara F Miller,

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe and one of the most important places in the entire African region. Being home to over 2.8 million people, it is one of the most populous metropolises of the continent. Though there have been few concerns with regards to political and economic management in the last decade but situation has improved in the recent years. Owing the emerging positive developments, Zimbabwe has become a paradise for tourist once again. Among all Zimbabwean cities, Harare has the leading status in tourism circles as the city has everything to make it a perfect choice to spend holidays.

The spring and summer season (April-October) is very hot for Harare as number of visitors to Zimbabwe increase. Probably one of the leading factors in this surge is increased water-flow in Victoria Falls that is the single most attractive tourist destination. If you are also planning a visit to Zimbabwe in the same time, it’s more than a great idea. However, there are very few people who actually plan their visit thoroughly. We are sharing few important suggestions that could help you save a lot and enjoy more. We’ll guide you on how to get cheap air fares to Harare, which places to visit and small tips to reduce the financial burden of your trip.

Using Technology to Your advantage:

If you are reading this, it means you have interface with modern technology and gadgets. Use the same technology to your advantage. Search WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo and other information sources to get background information about the city and its important places. Internet can be a great source of reducing your cost as there are many dedicated African specialist travel agencies that provide low-cost travelling services. Sky,, Trip Advisor etc. are few to mention. You can go there and search the website for low cost Harare tickets and other services, if they offer.

Travel apps of Smart phones:
    Smart phones on travel

Smart phones on travel

If I say, this century belongs to Smartphones; you might not disagree with me. However, very few people actually capitalize the full potential of their smart devices. In this regard, you are advised to learn the art of using smartphone while on travel. Your smartphone apps like Google maps, Places etc. can be very useful while you are on trip. They can save your time and money in numerous ways. Certain apps are very useful for searching nearby ATM, bank, restaurant, bus stop and airport.

Seal the Deals:

We all are habitual of deals when it comes to purchasing pizzas, shopping carts, and other items of daily use. While going on a trip, apply the same principle and grab some useful deal. The deals can be sealed at local attractions, hotels, restaurants, transportation service and with airlines. Discount coupons are another way of getting low-priced products and services. In this regard, websites of local vendors and travel agencies can help a lot.

Visit Naturally Sound & Soul-Awakening Places:

Though the whole city is worth visiting and watching but few places are more attractive than the rest. In order to increase the joys of your trip, visit places like: Warren Park, Borrowdale, Mount Pleasant, Queen Victoria Museum, Marlborough, Tynwald and Avondale. Kopje is a hilly point that gives you aerial view of the entire city. In addition to these, Victoria Falls; the world’s widest waterfall is a real mind blowing place to visit. When you go around into these naturally rich sites and observe astonishing landscapes, your inner-world gets further purified and calm. Research has indicated that visiting certain places can reduce your stress level and enhance self-image. They also have a positive impact on your memorizing ability and eyesight as well.

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