Visiting Cafes in Steyr, Austria

Steyr, credit

Steyr, credit

The Many Places to Enjoy a Taste of Austrian Culture

In Austria, cafes are a popular place to spend leisure time. The small Upper Austrian city of Steyr, not far from Linz, offers a wide variety of choices. Visitors to Steyr have several options when looking for a place to sit down for a cup of Kaffee, some sort of Austrian dessert, or even a light meal. Here is just a sampling of the many cafes in this beautiful Upper Austrian town.

Cafe Werndl

Located at Zwischenbrücken (literally “between bridges”), Cafe Werndl is right in the center of Steyr. Booth seating gives Cafe Werndl a comfortable feel, and the plethora of windows provide views of the river, one of Steyr’s picturesque churches, and the cobblestone streets of the center of town. Unlike most of the other businesses in Steyr, the cafe is open on Sundays.

Franz Ferdinand

Located at the “Roter Brunnen” (“red fountain”) in the area of town known as Steyrdorf, this small cafe is open in the afternoons and evenings. With floor-to-ceiling windows and brightly colored walls, Franz Ferdinand has a somewhat more modern look. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a meal or a drink outdoors if they choose, including in the evenings.

Cafe di Fiume

This cafe is the perfect place to go when the weather is warm, as it has a terrace overlooking the Enns River. Indoor seating is also available, though the space is somewhat limited. Cafe di Fiume offers a light lunch and a variety of desserts to its patrons.

Cafe Postmann

In an atrium off of the Stadtplatz (main town square) is Cafe Postmann. The cafe boasts a delicious assortment of cakes, including several Austrian specialties. Bright orange booths, wood floors, and large windows create a cheerful, sunny atmosphere. Postmann is also open in the evenings.

Tabor Restaurant

This cafe and restaurant has the best views in town. Sweeping views of Steyr’s skyline and the hills beyond make this a wonderful place to go for coffee or a meal. To get to the Tabor tower cafe, it is a bit of a hike uphill, but very much worth the extra effort to get there.

Cafe Rahofer

Located through a quaint courtyard just off of the Stadtplatz, Rahofer is slightly pricier (especially for meals) than some of the other cafes around Steyr, but the cozy atmosphere and quality of the food and drink make up for it.

Cafe Options for the Evening

While Steyr’s night life certainly does not compare to that of cities like Vienna, Salzburg, or even Linz, there are still several options for those looking for something to do.

Luxor, located in the Stadtplatz, and Segafredo, also in the Stadtplatz, are popular places to go, and are popular with Steyr’s student population. Other places open in the evenings are Franz Ferdinand, Cafe Postmann, Rahofer, and two Irish pubs located in the same neighborhood as Franz Ferdinand.

Steyr has a surprisingly extensive assortment of cafes for a city of just 40,000. Each offers a different atmosphere, providing something for everyone, including the opportunity to sample Austrian dessert specialties. Article ori published with

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