Visit Stunning Tuscany

    Visit Stunning Tuscany

Visit Stunning Tuscany

by Henry,

The central region of Italy is a beautiful area, boasting an idyllic climate, wonderful countryside, a rich history and a distinctively proud heritage. If you are searching for a holiday perfect for the whole family then consider a trip to the heart of Italy, Tuscany. Villas available for rental are great accommodation options of families as they give an authentic Italian experience with the flexibility and independence usually needed when travelling with young children.

When visiting Tuscany with children there are lots of adventures to be had. Kids will love climbing the towers, exploring the Roman remains and imagining life in the medieval villages of the regions. Introduce them to the Renaissance in Florence and show them the magnificent statue of David, take them to Lucca and spend a family day cycling round the walls or let them loose in the famous campo in the centre of Siena, the home of the Palio horse race. Italy is extremely child friendly and children are accommodated in bars, restaurants, and cafés regardless of the time of day or night.

Tuscan Highlights

Although there are several places to stay on your holiday, Tuscany villas rented for private use are the ideal child-friendly option. Villas usually have a shared or private swimming pool and plenty of outdoor area for the children to burn off excess energy. After a long day trip exploring the region there is nothing better than returning to your own space and relaxing in the luxury of a home from home.

Tuscany has so much to offer children of all ages. In Florence, there is a very well organised family museum designed to guide you and the children through Renaissance history. The visit also includes a hands-on go at making your own fresco. The author of the famous book, Pinocchio was born in Collodi, close to the charming town of Lucca. Here they have constructed a park full of wonderful statues and elegant fountains depicting all the Pinocchio characters, and made it a fantastic place for kids to explore. There is even a puppet show performed as an added extra.

Throughout the region of Tuscany, villas, beautifully adorned and stunningly decorated, open their doors to the public and allow visitors a taste of what life was once like for the Italian aristocracy. Villa Garzoni, conveniently located close to Pinocchio’s park, is a fine example and well worth a visit. The last labyrinth of all Lucchese villas is a feature of the exquisitely manicured gardens.

For the outdoor enthusiast, the Garfagnana valley has some great options. The natural geological features, the chestnut forests and the rivers all add to the beauty and charm of this valley. Go walking or biking in The Orechiella Nature Reserve where there are endless well mapped trails and on the way home visit the caves of Grotto del Vento to learn about the formation of this splendid natural formation.

People come to Tuscany for many reasons, including its fabulous, world-renowned gastronomy. Simple and rustic but true to its roots there is no arguing with the quality of Tuscan food. Take the children out to one of the cheese making farms or olive oil producers for an interesting afternoon excursion and do not forget that no trip to Tuscany would be complete without a wine tasting expedition. Whatever you decide to do on your holiday, there are many companies offering their services to help you make the most of your stay in Tuscany. Villas are organised by most companies and are hand picked because of their convenience, comfort and authenticity.

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