Visit Delhi- Agra-Jaipur-Udaipur-Ranakpur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer– Bikaner-Mandawa

India tours

India tours

10 Nights 11 days

 Day1  Arriving Delhi Drive to Agra

(The Arriving time in Delhi that is very important,if possible,  arrive Early mornings that will give you a full day To Explore INDIA)

We make you depart Directly for Agra right from the Airport and reach Agra after 3 hours Journey.

Hotel Check inn. Relax and get ready for Sight Seeing.  Visit the magnificent Taj-Mahal – one of the  Seven Wonders of the World surely the most extravagant expression of love ever created. 20,000 men labored for over 17 years to build this memorial to Shah Jahan’s beloved wife.

Agra fort – The rusty and majestic red-sandstone fort of Agra stands on the banks of the river Yamuna and the construction was started by Emperor Akbar in 1566.

Transfer to a Hotel for buffet lunch.

Night Stay at Agra

Enjoying City View of Agra on Roof top Restaurants as well View of TAJ.

Day2: JAIPUR Early morning after breakfast depart for Jaipur (via Fatehpur-Sikri).

Fatehpur-Sikri was constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar beginning in 1570, in honor of Sufi saint ShaikhSalimChisti. This city is also well know destination of India which consists of complex of buildings, including the extant royal palaces, courts and the Jama Masjid is a popular tourist attraction. Lunch at Jaipur

After Lunch start your local sight seen. Half day city tour, City Palace, Jantar Mantar Observatory & HawaMahal, Birla Temple, Jaigarh Fort & Amber Fort.

HAWA MAHALbuilt in 1799, by Maharaja SawaiPratap Singh, is the most recognizable monument of Jaipur. The 5 storied stunning semi-octagonal monument having 152 windows with over hanging latticed balconies is a fine piece of Rajput architecture. Originally designed for the royal ladies to watch and enjoy the processions and other activities, on the street below. Now it houses a well laid out museum. The display “Jaipur past and present” is the special feature of this newly setup museum.

JANTAR MANTAR (Observatory) – built in 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the huge masonary instruments were used to study the movement of constellations and stars in the sky. Enormous sun-dial still provide accurate time, which are subject to daily corrections.

AMERThe old capital of the Kachhwahas stands atop a range of craggy hills. The fort is remarkable as much for the majestic grandeur of its surroundings as for its sturdy battlements and beautiful palaces. It is a fine blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. Lunch at some restaurant. Return to hotel & take rest. Dinner in hotel

Night stay in Jaipur

Day 3  Udaipur

After breakfast start local Sightseeing at Jaipur and after that depart for Udaipur.

CITYPALACE AND S.M.S. II MUSEUM – situated in the heart of the old City, it occupies about one seventh of the old city area. The palace is a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture, it houses a Seven stored Chandra Mahal in the center, which affords a fine view of the gardens and the city. Diwan-E-Am (Hall of public audience) has intricate decorations and collection of manuscripts, Diwan-E-Khas (Hall of private audience) has a marble pawed gallery Mubarak Mahal has a rich collection of costumes and textiles. There is a Clock Tower near Mubarak Mahal. SilehKhana has a collection of armory and weapons

CENTRALMUSEUMsituated in the Ram Niwas Garden. This graceful building was founded in 1876 by Prince Albert (also known as Albert Hall). It has a rare collection of archaeological and handicraft pieces

depart for Udaipur It’s a Complete 4 lane Highway and its safe as well.)Reaching Udaipur by late Evening.

Hotel check-inn Udaipur. Roaming around local streets walk around the streets ofUdaipurandGHATS(lake shore)

Dinner at Hotel/Restaurant inUdaipur

Special Dinner Can be arranged at Famous Restaurants at any LAKE SIDE RESTAURANT. with a view of Famous PALACE  Havelies and Various GHATS at Lake shore.This will cost you approx $125.00 to $225.00 depending on Place you Select

Shopping :Udaipur is Famous for its Painting n Hand-Crafted Jewelry Royal Family Styled.

Night Stay at Palace hotel in Udaipur

Day4 – Udaipur

After breakfast start local Sightseeing atUdaipur

 (Jagdishmandir, City palace, Museum, FatehSagar, Vintage Cars Show, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Local market)

Saheliyon-Ki-Bari-— (meaning Garden of the Maidens of Honor) is located in the northern part of Udaipur city. Built in the middle of 18th century by MaharanaSangram Singh, Saheliyon Ki Bari is an ornamental garden below the embankment of FatehSagar Lake, complete with lotus ponds, bougainvillea creepers, marble pavilions, kiosks and elephant-shaped fountains. This historic garden was constructed for the 48 women attendants who accompanied a princess as a part of dowry to Udaipur. Interestingly, these fountains are fed by the waters of FatehSagar Lake gushing through purpose-built ducts.

JAGDISH MANDIR– Built by MaharanaJagat Singh I in 1651 the temple enshrines a black stone image of Lard Vishnu. There is a brass image of Garuda the Lord bird carrier. The exterior and the plinth are covered with base relief of alligators; elephants, horsemen and celestial musicians rise in tiers.

After breakfast visit to famous CITY PALACE- City Palace towers over the PicholaLake. Maharana Uday Singh initiated in the construction of the palace but succeeding Maharanas added several palaces and structures to the complex retained a surprising uniformity to the design. The entry to the Palace is from the Hati Pol, the Elephant gate. The Bari Pol or the Big gate brings you to the Tripolia, the Triple gate. It was once a custom that the Maharana would weigh under this gate in gold and silver, which was distributed to the populace. It is also now the main ticket office.

FATEHSAGARLAKE– This delightful lake, bordered by hills and woodland was constructed by Maharana jai Singh to the north ofLakePichola. It is an artificial lake dug up in 1678, reconstructed by MaharanaFateh Singh A canal links the two, via SwaroopSagar andRangSagarLakes. The beautiful NehruIsland as well as an islet bearing a solar observatory rises from the lake.

Dinner Can be arranged at Famous Restaurants at any LAKE SIDE RESTAURANT. with a view of Famous PALACE &Havelies and Various GHATS at Lake shore. Udaipur is Famous for its Painting n Hand-Crafted Jewelry Royal Family Styled.

Night stay at Palace Hotel in Udaipur

Day 5: Depart for Jodhpur via Ranakpur

After Breakfast Depart for local Sight-Scène in Udaipur

By Afternoon depart for Jodhpurvia Ranakpur. Lunch at Ranakpur.

Ranakpur is located about 56 miles north of Udaipurand in any case a must, if you are in this region. ThisJain Temple was built under the reign of monarch RanaKumbha in the 15th century. The Jains are among other things known for their asceticism and absolute nonviolence. With a 4,500 square yards basement (approximately 60 x 62 meters) it is the largest Jain temple in India. Entering this marvel of architecture we were overwhelmed by the lavish abundance of marvelous stonemason works on white marble.

There are four subsidiary shrines, 24 pillared halls and all in all 1444 marble pillars each from one piece and all richly decorated with most elaborately carved sculptures and filigrees, including the domes. The creativity and beauty of these elaborate works is unimaginable and the variety is such, that no two of the 1444 pillars are alike! A special effect is the amazing play of shadow, light and colors. As the light shifts through the temple over the day the pillar’s colors change from white over bluish to gold…

When the mogul emperor Akbar visited this temple he was full of admiration that he had made an inscription on one of the pillars which says, that no one ever will be allowed to destroy this jewel of architecture.Return to hotel & take rest. Roaming around local streets walk around the streets of Jodhpur

Night stay at Hotel in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur  is Famous for Handicraft Items/Textile-Printing Bandhej-Textiles etc specially designed Heavy handmade Indian wedding dresses. As jodhpur is Famous destination for its ROYAL HOSPITALITY, and  many Hollywood stars Favorite destination as well like as LIZ Harley

Day 6: After breakfast start local Sightseeing at Jodhpur

UmaidBhawan- Description – This monumental piece of architecture stands on a sprawling 26 acre estate on hill, on the eastern fringe of town. Built between 1929 and 1943 by Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the present owner, the primary idea behind the project was to employ and provide relief to 3,000 workers during a long famine. No cement was used in its construction, and the interlocking blocks of sandstone simply take your breath away, especially while standing under the imposing 56 meter (183 feet) high central dome. Shopping at local markets . Dinner in hotel and take rest .

Lunch at Jodhpur Famous Indian Restaurant

After Lunch start local sight seen.

JaswantThada Description – Once you are done with Mehrangarh fort, just amble down some half a kilometer towards north of the fort. There stands JaswantThada, a pillared marble memorial to the popular ruler Jaswant Singh II (1878-95). Well maintained gardens welcome you inside the compound, and provide a great base to sit back and reflect on what you’ve seen and experienced.This cenotaph was built by Sardar Singhji in memory of his father. The cenotaphs of members of the royal family who died after him are close to his memorial.

Mehrangarh Fort-The majestic Mehrangarh Fort is one of India’s largest forts and located in the picturesque city of Jodhpur. The work of building the fort originally commenced in 1459. This magnificent fort is spread over 5 kms. and is located on top of a hill which is all of 125 meters high. Mehrangarh fort has never ever been seized. The invincible fortifications are six meters thick. Some of the walls still bear cannon marks.

Clock-Tower-Sardar Market. Jodhpur  is Famous for Handicraft Items/Textile-Printing Bandhej-Textiles etcn specially designed Heavy handmade Indian wedding dresses.


Special Dinner Can be
arranged at Famous Restaurants. with a view of Famous PALACE or FORT. As jodhpur is Famous destination for its ROYAL HOSPITALITY, and  many Hollywood stars Favorite destination as well like as LIZ Harley This will cost you approx $115.00 to $300.00 depending on Place you Select

Night Stay At  Hotel in Jodhpur


Day 7: Departure for Jaisalmer after lunch 4 hours Journey fromJodhpur. Check-inn Hotel Jaisalmer

Evening Camel/ safari in Sand Dunes-Sunset in Sand-dunes is so romantic

Evening at rest for Leisure as Evenings at DUNES/Camel Ride in DUNES are very Romantic

Dinner at Hotel Viewing Jaisalmer Fort. Special Dinner Can be arranged at Famous Restaurants. with a view of Famous PALACE or FORT. Or in Sand Dunes if Requested Earlier and Weather Condition is Favorable. This will cost you approx $125.00 to $225.00 depends on Place you Select Night Stay At Palace Hotel in Jaisalmer


Day8: Jaisalmer

After Breakfast Sightseeing  Continues

Jaisalmer Fort Description – To catch the first glimpse of Jaisalmer Fort, is to start an enduring romance with this town. Sitting pretty atop Trikuta Hill, the fort rises above the surrounding desert floor. It is visible from a distance, and instantly captures the imagination. Add a dash of history to its picturesque setting, and there’s no escaping the charm of the fort, and by extension the town. For the fort forms the heart and soul of

Also known as the ‘Golden Fort’ or ‘Sonar Kila’, it is built with the local sandstone of the region – one that has a distinct yellow tone. It was built in 1156 CE by the Bhati Rajput ruler RawalJaisal, from whom the fort derives its name.

Raj-mahal Description – This is the most imposing structure within the fort. The seven-story structure was once the palace of the erstwhile rulers of Jaisalmer. The former royal family home has now been restored and converted into a museum. Located near DussehraChowk, the various buildings that make up the structure are interconnected by a series of low, narrow passages. This was done on purpose to confuse invaders. A common ploy of the time! The palace rooftop is easily the highest point in Jaisalmer, and offers great views of the desert on the one side and the town on the other.

Attractions of Golden Cityare Jaisalmer Fort,Lodurva & KuldharaJain Temple, Gaddisar Lake, Patwa Haveli, Nathmaljiki Haveli, Salim Singh jiki Haveli, Bada-Bagh, Amar-Sagar


Night Stay At Palace Hotel in Jaisalmeror Royal tent Accommodation in Jaisalmer

We can Opt for royal Tent Stay in Jaisalmer if weather condition is favorable. If we opt for tents the 40 % of the Room rent of the hotel will be Paid for EXTRA and Dinner will be included in this Deal, Indian Food will be served Veg or Non vegetarian  food is available Cooked on Prior Notice as Dunes location is about 50 kilometers from CITY Jaisalmer.


Day 09: Departure for Bikaner after Breakfast

Bikaner (By road ) Morning drive to Bikaner – the camel city. Visit the well- preserved Junagarh Fort. It is an unassailable fortress, which has never been conquered. Built in 1593 A.D. by Raja Rai Singh, one of the most distinguished generals in the army of Emperor Akbar, the fort is a formidable structure encircled by a moat.

In the evening visit the unique camel-breeding farm. This government managed station, 8km from Bikaneris probably unique in Asia. There are about 230 camels at the National Camel Research Center and three different breeds are reared here. The British army had a camel crops drawn from Bikanerduring the World War I. Also visit LalGarh Palace and Fort Museum. Night stay in Bikaner. LUNCH at MIDWAY in between–Reaching Bikaner BY Evening –Hotel Check inn in Bikaner

Dinner & Night Stay at Bikaner Palace Hotel

Day 10:After Breakfast Sightseen Continues

Junagarh Fort: The fort was built by Raja Rai Singh, the sixth ruler of Bikaner who reigned from 1571 to 1612. It is a fort of the Bikaner royal family. You will get a chance to know about the history of the Bikaner royal family. Also has a museum which displays weapons, ornaments of the previous era. This is one of the oldest forts and never drifited in history one of the few forts in India. One of the king saved all Hindus of the world from being converted to Islam by emperor Aurangjeb.

LaxmiNiwas palace: The LaxmiNiwas Palace is a former residential palace of the king of the former Bikaner state, Maharajah Ganga Singh in Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was designed by the British architect, Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob in the year 1902 completed in year 1926 and its part of llalgarh palace. The style of architecture is Indo-Saracenic. It is now a luxury hotel owned by Golden Triangle Fort & Palace P. Ltd.

Lalgarh:Lalgarh is another fort of the Rajputana family. Some of the the Rajputana kings used to stay here. You will see the royal story of the Rajputana family.

Shivbari Temple,Shivbarichoraha. This is a centuries old shiva temple. It has two huge “Bawris” (water reservoirs), Thousands of people visit this place every year.

Depart for Mandawa

Reach Mandawa Hotel Check in Palace Room at MandawaHavelies

Diner at Mandawa

Day 11

After Breakfast Sight seen Mandawahavelies

Mandawa fort

The fort of Mandawa was founded in the 18th century. Thakur Nawal Singh, son of Shardul Singh, founded the fort in vikramsamvat 1812 (1755 AD). The fort dominates the town with a painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows. Built as per a medieval theme, the castle of Mandawa is adorned with beautiful frescoes.Rooms in the palace are decorated with paintings of Lord Krishna, exquisite carvings and amazing mirror work. The palace’s Durbar Hall houses a number of antiques and paintings. Situated in the middle of the town, the Mandawa Fort has been converted into a heritage hotel.


Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

This haveli has a painting depicting IndraDev on an elephant and Lord Shiva on his Nandi bull.

Goenka Double Haveli

This haveli, with two gates, has a monumental façade of elephants and horses. The outer walls, jutting balconies, alcoves and overhanging upper stories are replete with patterns and paintings, ranging from traditional Rajasthani women and religious motifs to Europeans wearing stylish hats and other Victorian finery.

Murmuria Haveli

The paintings of trains, cars, George V, and Venice were executed on the walls of this haveli during the 1930s by Balu Ram, one of the last working artists of the region. In pictures – like Lord Krishna with his cows in the English courtyard and a young Nehru on a horseback, holding the national flag – this haveli uses a unique theme blending the East with the West. The haveli also features a long frieze depicting a train with a crow flying above the engine and much activity at the railway crossing.

Jhunjhunwala Haveli

The haveli features a striking gold leaf painted room located to the right of main courtyard.

Mohan LalSaraf Haveli

A picture of a Maharaja stroking his mustaches beautifies
this haveli.

GulabRaiLadia Haveli

This haveli is located in the south of town, where the decoration of the outer and inner walls is perhaps the finest in Shekhawati. Blue washes here and there betray twentieth-century censorship of the erotic scenes that had been commonly acceptable one hundred years earlier.

The BinsidharNewatia Haveli, LakshminarayanLadia Haveli and Chokhani Double Haveli are some of the other painted havelis in the area.Murals in the Thakurji temple, located opposite the Goenka Double Haveli and the Murmuria Haveli, include soldiers being shot from the mouths of cannons, a reflection of the horrors of the Mutiny of 1857. Further west are a couple of chhatris, and a step-well, still used today and bearing paintings inside its decorative corner domes.

visit Saraf Haveli with scenes of erotica, train, women at the well and the Ladia Havel is
showing contemporary scenes as well as mirror work and Ludlow Castle famous for murals including hunting scenes ,women musicians.

Depart of Delhi

4 hours journey

Check in hotel in Delhi and Dinner



Over night Journey by Train for Delhi that reaches Delhi at 10 am NEXT day (Day 11th)

Further you can move to Airport for connecting flight with Assistance Available up to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

This inclusive of

Hotel Accommodation on CP basis

in mentioned 3 star deluxe hotels or similar on twin sharing basis with one double room for two persons. With Daily breakfast at all places &All applicable hotel & service taxes as applicable.

All Transport in Semi Luxury Air-
conditioned Sedan all Taxes & parking is PAID

With all transfers and sightseeing by A/C Sedan Car(Semi Luxury category) including fuel charges, Driver’s Allowance, toll and parking. Local Assistance will be provided for Complete TOUR. Domestic Flight Form Delhi to Udaipur

Return journey From Jodhpur to Delhi by Train in 2 Tier-Air Conditioned Compartment.


1. Any meals other than those mentioned above.

2. Any airfare / train fare. other than mentioned above

3. Entrance fees to Amusement parks & Boating charges.

4. Any portage at airports and hotels, tips, insurance, wine, mineral water, telephone charges, and all items of personal nature.

5. Any services not specifically mentioned in the inclusions.

6. Expenses caused by factors beyond our control like rail and flight delays, roadblocks, and vehicle mal-functions, political disturbances etc.

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Bhaskar Circle, Ratanada, Jodhpur 342001 (Raj.)INDIA


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