Useful Information about Enjoying Northern Lights during Your Holidays

northern lights

northern lights

When you want to explore the naturally multicolored and mysterious lights of the sky, planning your holidays in some specific countries is the best way to do it. People from all around the world gather to see these beautiful combinations of northern lights in specific places. This is what makes these natural lights so special, especially during holidays.

Of course, one can see these magical lights in the sky very rarely and only from specific places, such as the Arctic region. This makes it a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for those who love to explore different forms of nature. If you are looking for a similar winter holiday, the following information about northern lights holidays, their locations, and hotels, will help you enjoy your trip the most:

Northern Lights in Sweden

Enjoying northern lights in Sweden can turn out to be a memorable experience for you. Similarly, if you stay at the very famous Icehotel, you can avail the opportunity to enjoy numerous activities during your holidays. Some of these activities include moose safaris, ice sculpting, ice driving, and snowmobiling.

Another great location to watch the northern lights from is the Abisko National Park. You can also visit the nearby Abisko Mountain Station.

Northern Lights in Iceland

If Iceland is the planned destination for your next holidays, then travel between September and April, when there is the highest possibility of observing northern lights. Hotel Ranga is one of the best locations to view northern lights from in Iceland. With the opportunity to see open skies, you can also see the beauty of waterfalls and geysers.

Northern Lights in Norway

When it comes to experiencing the northern lights in Norway, the Abisko National Park is there to serve tourists with this ever-lasting adventure. Furthermore, by staying at the most popular Icehotel, you can view the northern lights till dawn.

One of the main reasons to choose Norway as the destination to enjoy the northern lights from is the opportunity to travel by Hurtigruten Coastal cruise. Open skies add beauty to the overall holiday planned for a North Cape and Tromso stay.

Northern Lights in Finland

Finland has what it takes to view the northern lights without any distraction. As travelers look for open spaces to explore the lights, they can easily get all of it in Finland. It offers secluded locations for tourists, so that they can spend their holidays by watching the clear skies and the northern lights. Other things to look forward to in Finland include: snowy wilderness, skiing, and safaris.

Northern Lights in Canada

Though you may find other places to be ideal destinations to view the northern lights; there are also many reasons to choose Canada as your destination. The sky viewing center of Fort McMurray is a popular location for all those who want to discover the rarely visible northern lights.

Things to Consider

A winter holiday covered with northern lights is the best way to enjoy skiing. This makes it important to pack your things wisely. Make sure you do not get sick because of the cold. So, do not forget to pack your clothes in layers. Other things to pack include gloves, hat, a waterproof jacket, and boots. Though this is something you may need to take care of, many hotels offer their guests with boots and thermal suits already. So, if you have chosen a known hotel for your stay, it is better not to buy a special kit beforehand.

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