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There are some places everyone should try and visit at some point in their lives. The USA is usually high of people’s lists of dream holiday vacations, and one of the cheapest and easiest ways to see the country is on one of the famous road trips.

The highways in Northern America are second to none, designed for easy driving and surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery. While the main highlights are located within the cities, some of the smaller towns that can be discovered on a road trip will provide the cherry on the cake for the vacation.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is considered by many to be a paradise on earth, a truly laid back destination where people can truly discover themselves once more. However, not many people think of Hawaii as the best place for a road trip, though the Hana Highway is amongst America’s most iconic.

Only 68 miles, it’s ideal for those seeking adventure and something off the beaten tourist path. A thrilling ride, a waterfall pool is one of the stops along the way while the town of Hana gives visitors the chance to experience ‘old’ Hawaii.

Los Angeles to San Francisco

A longer trip at 400 miles, the scenery on the road here is second to none. Snaking along the coastline, the Pacific Coast Highway gives sun, sea and sand lovers the chance to experience the best beaches North America has to offer.

Malibu is the number one stop for celebrity spotting and surfing, while Santa Barbara is ideal for whale watching and wine tasting. San Francisco is a world away from Los Angeles, showing that a coastal city does not need to be beach-focussed, with art and food high on the list of activities in this iconic city. Like neighbouring Los Angeles, San Francisco suffers from extremely heavy rush hour traffic.

“San Francisco has a pretty comprehensive public transport network. When driving, trams, trolleybuses and buses get right of way, so make sure to stop for them. However, driving at any time except early mornings and evenings should be fine. Main tourist office is at 900 Market Street” according to Mike Callaghan Head of Argus Car Hire.

Planning the trip

Both of these trips are ideal for those travelling with children, despite the stigma attached with taking a road trip with a child. As long as the proper planning is taken, these trips will be amongst the best you’ll ever take with your family!

The longer highway trips offer a chance to explore the unknown and thrill children; there are also loads of photo opportunities giving them a chance to create unforgettable memories. Planning ahead with food will also save money, giving you a chance to indulge with the family every evening.

While the adults may be entertained by the scenery all day, children may become bored at some points. Rather than spending lots of money on expensive gadgets, simple paper games such as hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe can get the whole family involved and this booklet of games and puzzles might be useful especially for younger kids enjoying puzzles! You could have hours of fun trying to spot something you’ve never seen before!

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