Unusual wedding venue Ideas from Budget to Luxurious in Essex


Wedding Venue

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out from the crowd. They want it to be the occasion that is talked about for months and months to come. The venue you select can have a massive influence on whether this is the case or not. After all, the wedding venue is going to be the main thing people notice. It is also the first thing they see when they come to your big day. It influences the vibe of the event and consequently plays a role in determining the mood of all of your guests too.

One way you can undoubtedly make your day one to remember is to choose a venue nobody would expect. If you choose an unusual venue then you build excitement, you get all of your guests talking and you instantly make the atmosphere a positive one. Read on to discover some great budget and luxurious ideas for an unusual wedding venue in Essex

A fairground

A fairground is undoubtedly a unique choice of wedding venue yet it is something that seems to work well every time. Why? Quite simply because it brings fun to the occasion. This is a day of celebration and everyone should undoubtedly be in jovial spirits. A fairground is a venue which only enhances this feeling. Furthermore, it is a fantastic choice for anyone who is going to have a lot of children in attendance. It gets the little kids excited and ensures they do not spend the entire day saying ‘mummy, I’m bored’ as they would be at a standard and traditional choice of venue.

A marquee

A marquee in itself may not be wholly unusual. However, it provides the perfect platform for you to be as innovative and creative as you like. This is one of the lesser venues in terms of cost and thus this frees up an opportunity for you to go wild in terms of decoration. You can take eastern influence and opt for an Indian inspired marquee for example. The grand image of the venue presents massive potential to go for something luxurious and lavish. Take inspiration from the royals and the palaces of a particularly country. You could even have a Great British theme with fine china and alike.

The great outdoors

If you are someone who loves nature then why not get married in one of the beautiful Essex green lands? There are lots of great forest areas for you to choose between. You can really embrace the forest feel with the likes of yurts and tipis. For your reception you can have a campfire type setting rather than a formal sit down dinner. This is definitely an unusual route to go down. And just because you are taking influence from camping and the great outdoors does not mean that you can’t add some glamour either.

A theatre

And finally, if you have a taste for the theatrical then why not embrace this and use it as influence for your big day. A theatre definitely plays towards the grandeur of a wedding day. If you are going to go down this route then you should definitely play towards the strength of the venue. Everything should be dramatic and theatrical; from the decorations to what you are wearing. This is ideal for those who like to be bold and make a big impression.


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