Unleash the World’s Top Most Strange Islands

If you want to spend your vacations in a calm and tranquil environment along with marvelous picturesque scenery and daring experiences then plan your trip to the top strangest islands. Unleash these hidden marvels of nature and enjoy the awe-inspiring sight of oceans, sapphire waters, numerous flora and fauna, and strange geological formations. World is occupied with numerous natural sensations and these unusual yet remarkable Islands are one of them. Don’t waste much time in contemplating just take a peek in the article and select the best Island for you and your loved ones and in order to leave nothing behind take your camera with you to seize those stunning moments and sights.

Hundred Seoul Island: Be a bit adventurous and visit Hundred Seoul Island it is a barren Island located in the Eastern Coast of Canada. It would certainly not attract you with its coastal or scenic beauty but it will surely appeal you with its strange geographical facts and formations. The unique and weird fact related to this island is that there is no grass, birds, and plants but only deep blue sea and extremely blue stones. The weirdest thing about this island is that every seagoing vessel emerged near the island the ship’s needle will abruptly fail. You need to be daring and adventurous to visit this strange island.

another strange Island

Another strange Island

Divided and Meet Island: This beautiful and unusual Island is situated in the vast Pacific Ocean and it attracts the visitors with strange process of splitting up in two parts and then suddenly get back together automatically. But no one can predict the time that when it will split in two parts and when it is going to be united. According to the facts sometimes it splits and then reunites in one or two days, but at times it takes more than 4 days to get into the real shape.

Norderoogsand Island: This is a newly formed Island situated on the Coast of Germany. It attracts the visitors with its extremely clear emerald green water, several varieties of sea birds, 50 different plant species, and spectacular coastal beauty.

Monuriki Island:  This beautiful volcanic Island is located near Fiji; it is only about a kilometer long and half a kilometer wide. This unique Island was the location for the famous movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks and thanks to the success of the movie as now it has become a major tourist attraction.

Crying Island: The most mysterious and strange fact related to this Island is that you can hear the sound of sobbing day and night. The sound is just like a weeping cry of the man who moaned and sounded very gloomy but sometimes the voice also sounds like the wailing of the wild bird. Be a bit daring, visit this island and get surprised by the strange ambiance of this island.

There are several other strange islands that you can visit such as Sable Island, Ghost Island, Easter Island, Hashima Island, Samosir Island, Komodo Island, Tetepare Island and the like.

Enjoy your daring and thrilling vacations on the weirdest and strangest Islands in the world. Don’t forget to arrest the mesmerizing beauty and unforgettable moments through your camera and then transform those digital images into canvas print to seize those memories. Make your private image gallery of your vacations or gift it to your family and friends as a souvenir.

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