Undiscovered Destinations for the Intrepid Traveler

Intrepid traveler, Credit Guardian.co.uk

Intrepid traveler, Credit Guardian.co.uk

By kelly Barnett,

In an crowded world, it’s hard to find undiscovered destinations for adventure. The good news is that there are still countries to explore.

At the time of year when thoughts turn to planning the next vacation, most of us will look to tried and tested destinations, looking for sun, sea, sand and some fun activities. Then there are those whose idea of fun is to get off the beaten track and head for adventure. For these people, the appeal of undiscovered vacation destinations is the thrill of exploring places that few of us will ever see. Here are some of the most undiscovered, adventurous vacation destinations. These places are certainly not for the faint hearted.


Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is still a military dictatorship and has a long way to go before it becomes a destination that really welcomes visitors. It is still shunned by many tourists for its human rights abuses. However, in 2010, more than 300,000 intrepid travelers headed to Myanmar, according to the Pacific-Asia Travel Association. Why would people choose Myanmar? They go in search of its fascinating history, charming pagodas, ancient cities and stunning beaches.

Republic of Congo:

Those in search of the ultimate safari experience may well choose the Republic of Congo. It’s certainly not for the timid, and is not a good choice for a first safari but well worth considering for experienced safari seekers. Most people will be put off by just reaching this destination. Expect a long, hot and uncomfortable journey and very basic accommodation when you finally arrive. But, and this is why the courageous safari seeker will have this country high on the “must visit” list, it is the only place on earth where visitors can track lowland gorilla, watch forest elephants, enjoy the antics of chimpanzees and much more.


Now that Angola has finally, hopefully, put its war-torn past behind it, it is becoming increasingly well acquainted with welcoming travelers. Of course, you need to get past the dangers of land mines, and the risk of malaria. This sparsely populated country, about the size of Texas and California combined, has a rich, if troubled, history, charming people and wonderful scenery. It values its tribal culture, has rivers, mountains and jungles to explore.


Not quite as off the beaten track as it may have been during the dark days of the rule of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia now boasts a healthy tourism trade. Tourists come here to explore a beautiful country, with a fascinating culture.

Papau New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea is home to one of the most diverse cultures on earth and that fact alone makes it worth exploring. No need to fear the head-hunters and cannibals now either; both practices have died out of the country’s culture. It is thought that its interior is home to many species of plants and animals that remain undiscovered. That’s another reason to head here; discover a new variety of flora, fauna or even a new animal.


Uganda has come a long way since the days of Idi Amin and his despotic rule of the 1970s. There is no doubt that it still has a long way to go with respect to human rights issues, in particular towards gay and lesbian citizens. However, the country’s rich wildlife enables the traveler to explore native inhabitants such as gorilla and chimps in their home environment.


As large as France and Spain combined, Ethiopia is an African country that has never lost its independence. Having been ranked sixth in Frommer’s Top Travel Destinations in 2007, it may not be the road less traveled, but it certainly deserves a mention for adventure seekers. It is rumoured that Aksum is the home of the Ark of the Covenant so travelers who harbour a secret desire to play at being Indiana Jones will find this country a wonderful playground.

Wise travelers may want to pay particular advice to safety precautions, research the country before visiting and review common precautions for traveling in foreign countries.


Burma Tourism provides a wealth of information for tourists.

Cambodia has a growing tourist trade.

Despite its troubled past, Uganda is worth visiting.

In Etheopia, travelers find centuries of tradition.

Visitors can be assured they will no longer feature on the menu in Papua New Guinea.

Fascinating and unique travel destinations abound, according to Forbes.

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