Travelling Around the World

A round-the-world trip holds endless possibilities in terms of the locations, cultures, climates and characters encountered along the way. It is the ultimate voyage for any traveller, Of course, such a massive excursion requires plenty of money, time and planning to extract as much from the holiday as possible.



You must not underestimate the meticulous preparation that is required for travelling the world. There are lots of things to consider apart from the obvious travel route, flights, accommodation and budget. These decisions can weigh on your mind during the planning stage, adding to the initial trepidation of such a long trip.

If you want some great ideas on how to travel the world and even a little of things you could see as you travel, then check out these sites below:

As a quick guide to help you overcomes any concerns, here are some basic points to consider before booking round-the-world tickets:

Plan Flights

Planning your route and flights will take most of your time. This is the most exciting yet agonising part of the planning phase; with so many possible destinations and tourist hotspots to encounter, choosing the best route for you isn’t easy. Many airlines offer round-the-world tickets, where your trip will be laid out beforehand. These tickets usually require you to start and finish in the same country, whilst any amendments will incur extra charges.

You can start planning the other aspects of your journey once one of these tickets has been booked.


Although some globetrotters won’t want to plan out things too much, booking your first night’s accommodation in advance is recommended. After a long and stressful flight, the last thing you want to be trawling around looking for a suitable place to stay. Make sure it is a good hotel also; this will give you a great base to start your adventure and adapt easier. As you move on, look for online deals or ask for recommendations from fellow travellers.


Investing in a high-quality backpack should be your most important buying consideration. As you will be on the move regularly, an inadequate purchase can really have a detrimental effect on your time away. It should sit lightly on your back and not cause any distress to your shoulders. Of course, you want to fit all your possessions in there without too much hassle as you will be in and out of it regularly. Look for backpacks with individual zipped compartments; these are a great way of separating different forms of items from one another.




A quality backpack is no use without some stuff to go in it. Packing is a delicate business; you can never be sure of what you’ll actually need and often have worst-case scenario situations in the back of your mind. The essentials should take priority over anything else such as nifty travel bags and gadgets, no matter how tempting they may be to buy. Think what you’ll need on a day-to-day basis and work from there. Taking 2 or 3 pairs of shoes is recommended, cheap pumps are great to wear when traipsing around and can be ditched when they start to wear out. Think light also; you don’t want to struggle when on the move between hostels and airports all the time.

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