Traveling around Rome Is as Easy as ABC

Tourists enter and exit Rome basically through two main points: Fiumicino Airport and the port of Civitavecchia.

Civitavecchia is considered Italy’s biggest port that links Rome to the Mediterranean region, making it one of the most direct entrances to this beautiful city. That’s probably the reason why there’s no dearth of means of transportation to and from this port.

Although there are many ways in which people can choose to travel into or out of Rome, the most common one is by bus—you can find one almost everywhere. In fact, bus service is the favorite of locals and tourists alike. There are various shuttles that provide rides to and from the port at different hours of the day, and you can easily select the one that best suits you. Some of these services have fixed travel times, while others don’t. If you need to travel at an odd hour of the day, go on one of these buses with apparently no schedule. Due to their particular service, they have their own special fan base.

There are also many buses that can take you between the port and Rome without any stops. If you’re running short on time, then use one of these. It’ll help you reach Rome much faster than regular bus service, but they’re a little pricey since they save a lot on time.

Another important and popular means of transportation is, of course, a taxi. Taxis cost a little more than buses, but they’re absolutely worth it. There’s no shortage of them in Rome, either. In fact, if you want hassle-free transfers to or from Civitavecchia, then taxis are the right choice for you. The best thing is that you can get one at reasonable price, too, and arrive at your destination faster.

There are also certain taxi service providers in Rome that offer luxury cars for rent. If you want a fun ride, then hiring such a taxi can be a good option. Moreover, the drivers that handle these taxis are well-versed in multiple languages. So, no matter which language you speak, in order to have ease in conversation, you can hire such a ‘chauffeured’ way to get around. Also, there’s no need to wait, as many of them are at the port. In case you can’t find one, you can call them up to make a reservation.

Now that you know hiring a taxi service is the best thing to do around Rome, there’s no reason why you would choose any other means.

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  • There is also a good connection by regular trains from Civitavecchia and Fiumicino. .From Civitavecchia you can reach Stazione San Pietro in less than 50′ and with a short walk you are in San Pietro Basilica or you can reach Stazioni Termini, the main important train station of Rome .

  • I enjoyed this article–have never entered Rome via the port of Civitavecchia–we did by train from Bologna. Rome is indeed a great pace to visit.

  • Very well put. I am still surprised to meet from time to time people that do not like Rome. Its an amazing city that has given so much to human kind… and still inspires to greatness.

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