Travel to Norfolk Island, South Pacific

Norfolk Island is a terrific travel destination steeped in culture, history and shopping opportunities. Consider a visit for your next vacation. Norfolk Island is a tiny island in the South Pacific. With only 2000 people living and working on the island, Norfolk Island has a strong community and makes a safe travel destination. Steeped in history, with plenty of activities for tourists, Norfolk Island makes a great a terrific holiday location.

Getting to Norfolk Island

Located in the South Pacific, Norfolk Island is tiny. The capital of Norfolk Island is Kingston, whilst the largest town is Burnt Pine. There is an international airport, with flights arriving daily from Australia, and weekly from New Zealand. Cruise ships are now choosing Norfolk Island as a destination, as it has two jetties, one on each side of the island. While Norfolk Island is small, a rental car is essential for traveling around the island. Most accommodation facilities provide rental cars with their rooms and there are alternative rental options on the island itself.

The History of Norfolk Island
Captain Cook Lookout Credit: J McLellan

Norfolk Island  Credit: J McLellan

Norfolk Island was first settled by Polynesian peoples, though their population died out before European settlement. Captain James Cook sighted Norfolk Island in 1774, and named the island after the Duke of Norfolk. When the Russians raised the levy on hemp, the English decided to settle Norfolk Island to harvest the flax, to make sails. In 1788 the island began being used as a penal colony. In 1856, the descendants from the HMS Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives moved to Norfolk from Pitcairn. In WWII, Norfolk Island was used as an airbase, and was home to New Zealand’s N Force troops. In 1979, Norfolk Island was granted Self Governing Status from Australia.

This mix of settlement has provided an interesting cultural mix. Norfolk Islanders can all speak a native pidgin language. There is a growing dance culture, based heavily on their Tahitian roots. Expect to be greeted by song and dance as you arrive in the country. The convict settlements provide a fascinating historic tour opportunity, along with the opportunity to re-trace the steps of Captain Cook. Over 10% of the island is National Park, showing off the native flora of the island.

Shopping on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island has no income, company or sales tax. They use the Australian Dollar. While fuel is expensive due to levies, the island is small, so you will not use a great deal of gas. Shopping on Norfolk Island is cheap, with many businesses setting up due to the tax laws. Tourism is the main income of the nation. From big names as Armani, Clinique, and Calvin Klein, to brands as Lego and Reebok, some of the best prices in the world are found on Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island has an artistic community. Local fairs and markets display goods made on the island for sale, of a high quality and cheap prices. Norfolk Island has fantastic dining options. With a coffee plantation on the island, and as they do not import fresh fruit or vegetables, expect a wonderful locally produced, seasonal menu. Being subtropical, bananas, coconuts and fish make up a wide range of local recipes.

Activities on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is home to many recreational opportunities. There is a great golf course, which can be an option. Make the most of the diving or glass-bottom boat tours to see the marine life. From 4WD tours to Clydesdale Carriage tours, you can see Norfolk Island at any pace. With a rental car, you can easily navigate the island yourself, and make the most of what this tiny island has to offer. Many tours will offer a meal, performing arts entertainments, history and activities to get involved with. ‘Norfolk Island by Night’ is a popular option, as too the ‘Convict Dinner’.

Norfolk Island has a wide range of opportunities for tourists, in a small location. Being a small sub-tropical island, the weather is always warm, though sometimes wet. The local people are friendly, and want you to have a wonderful time in their home town. Norfolk Island is a terrific destination off the beaten track for a holiday location.

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