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    Prague Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

Whilst there are many things to do when you are staying in the Czech republic but if you enjoy visiting bars and nightclubs to drink and dance the night away, then you may be interested in learning about the kind of alcohol that you can expect to find within a stone’s throw of your Prague apartment, or indeed anywhere within Czech.

If you will be in the Czech Republic between May12th and May 28th, then you will be able to visit the annual Czech beer festival, which is held in Prague each year.  You can visit the beer festival for free and once inside, you can taste one of the 80 different beer brews that are on offer at the festival.  All the beers on offer are from various areas of the Czech Republic, and you will quickly find that the people in the Czech Republic like their beer to be strong.  In fact, much of the Czech beer is 9.4% proof which is far higher than anywhere else you may find when you are staying across Europe, for example in a Krakow apartment or Venice hostels where the beer that you will find locally will be more around the 6.5% mark at the strongest.

Not only is Czech beer strong, but it is usually drunk in copious amounts too.  At the beer festival, you will notice that the beers are served in half-liter tankards and are priced at around $2 per glass.  You also can only buy 5 or more at a time only.

It is not only in the beer festival where you will experience this strong beer, but you will also find plenty of strong beer in the local bars around Prague.  One particular beer that is 9.4% is called Svatyvaclavske and is actually more like drinking a fine wine.  With beer that is so strong, you should be careful that you do not drink more units than you can usually manage.  In order to control your alcohol intake, you should try to drink a third less than you would of any other strong beer.  This will ensure that you do not get too drunk too quickly on this very strong beer.

There are several places where you can visit in the Czech Republic where you can taste beer and see how it is made.  The Budvar Brewery is one place where you can see how the Czech beer is made and even sample it.  You should be careful however because if you have rented a vehicle you should not drive after having drank any beer.  The laws in the Czech Republic about drinking and driving are very strict so to avoid fines or jail time, you should avoid drinking under the influence.

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