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Canada is one of our planets most scenic countries and has been the favorite place for adventurers and vacationers alike for generations. Canada is a country filled with diverse beautiful landscapes, wonderful friendly people and classy cities and is a tremendously beautiful country. It is a land of vast distances and rich natural beauty and is home to Spiky Mountains, glinting glaciers, spectral rainforests and wheat-waving prairies. If you have missed out on good deals to flights to Canada due to lack of planning, then you do not have to worry, as you can always count on Last Minute Flights deals which are offered by many travel sites. Read down to know some tips for planning your Canadian vacation.

*Start the passport application process early and if you are traveling to Canada with your kids then you also need passport for them if they are over 15 years. Kids below that can gain entry with their birth certificate. Make sure you are carrying all documents when bringing a child into Canada.

*The province of British Columbia has a very strict rule on alcohol, one must be 19 years of age to consume and purchase alcohol in Canada. Drinking alcohol in public is strictly prohibited in all of Canada.

*If you are planning a road trip to Canada, you will have to keep in mind a lot of things. The speed limit is designated in kilometers per hour rather than miles per hour and the temperature is measured in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. Don’t forget, Seat Belts are compulsory.

*Canada has a mixed culture and the language spoken here is a mix of English and French, but you can usually get by with English in most of the tourist spots.

*In Canada it is customary to tip for services such as restaurants, bars and pubs, taxis and hairdressers. The server is required to tip out and by not doing so you may actually cost the server money from his/her own pocket.
*Accommodation rates can vary a lot depending on which city you have chosen to stay. Expect to pay around $60 USD for a budget hotel room. During the winter season severe snow storms are a regular occurrence and it’s highly recommended that you monitor local news and weather reports.

Planning is very essential before any trip, whether it’s out of the country or not. Use your sources and internet to bring out all the essential details you need to know about the place you are visiting.

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