Travel Louisiana: Vidalia, Louisiana

Vidalia Riverwalk,

Vidalia Riverwalk,

Vidalia is a city that is located in Concordia Parish in the state of  Louisiana. This city rests at an elevation  of only 66 feet above sea level. It has one sister city and that is  Natchez, Mississippi.

These two cities are separated by the Mississippi River.  Many people think that the city of Vidalia got it’s name from the well known  sweet vidalia onions, but that is not true. The city of Vidalia was named after  Vidalia, Georgia.

Vidalia is a city with a lot of charm and it attracts visitors  from all over the world. Some main attractions in Vidalia include Riverview RV  Park, Frogmore Plantation, The Delta Museum, The Vidalia Riverwalk, and the  Tacony Plantation.

The Tacony Plantation is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This plantation originated in 1845. This plantation produced 3,387 cotton bales  and 17,000 bushels of corn. This is where one of the wealthiest cotton planters  in the state of Louisiana lived. His name was Alfred Vidal Davis, Sr.

The Vidalia Riverwalk provides much entertainment for local residents and  visitors. While touring the Riverwalk you will see restaurants, a hotel, shops,  amphitheater and boat ramps. The Delta Museum invites visitors with free  admission. The Frogmore Plantation spans 1800 acres. This Plantation recieved  the Rural Tourism Award in 1999. The Riverview RV Park is a resort that offers  full services.

Many events take place in Vidalia year-round. Upcoming events for the month  of November include Back to the Roots Hair Show. This event will take place on  November 5, 6, and 7. November the 21rst through January 3rd brings the event  Christmas Lights on the River. December 4th is the Vidalia Christmas Parade.  December 17th bring Santa to Vidalia and this event is Breakfast with  Santa.

People from all regions of the world travel to Louisiana to taste the flavor  of the South. You and your guests can learn about the history and culture of  Louisiana.

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