Travel Louisiana: Tickfaw State Park

Tickfaw State Park, Cr-Wikipedia

Tickfaw State Park, Cr-Wikipedia

When you come to visit Louisiana don’t forget to visit Tickfaw State Park. Visitors at Tickfaw State Park can explore  a bottom land hardwood forest. You can also enjoy the breathtaking and natural  beauty of the Tickfaw River. There is so much for the whole family to enjoy at  the park and admission is really cheap like one dollar per person and children 3  and under and senior citizens are admitted free.

This park has four ecosystems for you to explore on a mile long boardwalk.  You and your family will see the cypress/tupelo swamp. Visitors are offered the  opportunity of fun and excitement along with educational experiences of learning  about the wetlands and wildlife in the area.

Some fun things that you and your guests can enjoy at the park are canoeing,  night hiking, birdwatching, picnicking and more. It is more interesting because  you can learn about the culture and history of Louisiana. Vacation cabin rental is available. Tent and Rv sites are  available too. You may just decide to spend the day with your friends at the  park. It is truly beautiful. The park roadways offer a place for biking, skating  and strolling. Canoe rental is available or you may decide to bring your  own.

There is also a Nature Center and a gift shop. Tickfaw State Park offers a  great opportunity for you to spend time with your family and friends. There is  also a waterpark for children to enjoy and it is open  from April through September. You and your friends can enjoy about 5 miles of  river trails and cypress and hardwood trails.

Tickfaw State Park is located at 27225 Patterson Road in Springfield,  Louisiana or you may contact the park for more info by calling toll free  1-888-981-2020.

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