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    Trekking in India

Trekking in India

by Nupur Malhotra, 

The foot prints

Marked in pristine snow

Looked me at my face

Told me

The stories I left behind

Has to be revisited

Leave it, like it

The path has been laid down

Without consent

To be trekked upon.

As a trekker, often nature has surprising elements to intrigue. A celebrated activity, trekking in regions like Himalayas mountain ranges is an experience that sets other such vacation in place. Exploring some of these locations for trekking in India is quite a task. Why not undertake it, here?

With the Two Cousins- Garhwal and Kumaon

In the state of Uttarakhand, there are regions still primarily known by the old names for kingdoms. Meet the cousins.

  • Kumaon

All times of year are good for this but making the trek in April to June and then September to November is the recommended most. Valleys of the place are as wonderful as its forests. Comprised of Nainital, Almora and Pithoragarh, the region gives ample opportunities of Kumaon Himalayas trekking, especially to Kafni, Pindari, Milam, Sunderdhunga Base Camp, Adi Kailash and Nanda Devi East Base Camp.

  • Garhwal

Natural sceneries can point to many places but can still be unique to Garhwal region, and Garhwal Himalayas trekking is a gateway to view the world of waterfalls, valleys, rivers, mountain ranges and more. Home to numerous trek categorised into easy, moderate and challenging, the region has Chandrashila, Har Ki Dun, Valley of Flower trek, Panch Kedar, Sources of Ganges, Nanda Devi trek, Shivling, Khatling Auden Col, Sahasratal and Kalindi Khal Pass Trek. There are some others.

  • Sikkim

The place is well known to the lover of trekking. Home to Kanchenjunga, the state is not what one expects if limited to Gangtok. The natural sites are revealed mostly on trekking in Sikkim Himalayas. Yuksom Dzongri, Goecha La, Sikkim Darjeeling, Singalila Ridge, Green Lake, Kanchenjunga Base Camp and few others are loved places to worship nature with visual senses.

  • In Paradise- Ladakh

Everyone who has been in love of nature, knows (even if fleetingly) about Jammu and Kashmir. Here is the city of Ladakh, celebrated for the most challenging treks of world. If you have decided to do Ladakh Himalayas trekking, be ready for the cold, exertion and embracing Nature. Some of the popular treks include Sham, Spituk, Markha Valley, Tsomoriri, Stok Kangri, Frozen River, Trans Zanskar and many others.

  • In Abode of Snow- Himachal Pradesh

The beauty that quenched the thirst of generations with their uniqueness is none other than Himachal Pradesh. Count yourself to explore options in Himachal trekking like Kinner Kailash, Pin Parvati Pass, Chandratal, Mani Mahesh Lake, Indrahar, Charang Valley, Shepherd Trail Gaddi, Friendship peak and many more.

So, here your time starts to pack your bags for some of the great vacations ahead. Just don’t forget to check with the best trekking months for any particular trek of your choice!


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