Towering over them all – Burj Khalifa, the tallest man made building!

Burj_Khalifa_buildingI have a vivid taste when it comes to travelling. Sometimes, I prefer to go to the deepest of jungles on a safari and sometime I stand on the tallest building in an unknown city and watch the traffic rumbling by. It is very tough for me to put my finger on one particular destination and decide for myself.

Then I decided, let’s make it Dubai this time. Last time when I was there, I had to leave the city in a day itself as I was there for a business meeting, by the way, what a meeting it was on a Chartered Yacht around the man-made Palm Islands. Simply awesome! This time I planned that maybe I would pamper myself with some lavish and resplendent flavor and went visiting one of the tallest towers that is standing tall – the Burj Khalifa.

Oh Boy! You should be there I mean it. It is like some kind of a huge thing staring down at you when you go and stand next to it. You will feel curious as to how anybody could have managed to build that thing up like that. I mean you know you are standing in front of the tallest tower when you are standing in front of it. You might not be able to see the end of the tower and get a feeling it is piercing the sky trying to tower over everything.



  • The Lounge area dropped my jaw. I might have as well seen it in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol but seriously to actually see that in front of your eye is no joke and it is not easy to gulp in the rich lustrous interior décor of the building in one go.
  • The tower consist of so many residential suites, clubs and office areas that you might just want to not keep a count on it. There are corporate suites and you can even hold huge functions and parties there.
  • Are you a foodie? Because if you are then you have something to hang on for a long time. The service is simply not comparable and the food is so delicious you wish you had the belly of an alligator so that you could gobble it all. (Pardon me, I am a foodie)


  • The Armani hotel designed by Giorgio Armani simply shows the style and sense of elegance of the place and the kind of aura it exudes when you step in there. I decided just for a tour because honestly, I still love my wallet. But it was my heart that was gaining on mind and thinking of staying on for a while longer.

See, I am just sharing my travel experiences and the four things mentioned above are not just enough. But if you want to know more, you should actually visit the place and see it rather than counting on someone’s written material. I will go once more and see if I can string the words together any better.



Author Bio: Nathan Jones is a travelling consultant, Yacht captain, part time writer, singer, a jolly character who is poet at heart and also works as a part time fashion photographer and has travelled around a lot in concern with assignments and leisure. He is working at one of the leading recreational Dubai based company which specializes in Yacht Rental service in Dubai. Once a year he is always tripping and getting rejuvenated.

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  • Nothing will ever be big enough for Dubai, but that is also why the city is worth visiting. When you are there you can often forget that you are actually in the middle of a desert 🙂

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