Tourist Paradise – The Architectural Delights of Prague

St Charles Bridge Prague

St Charles Bridge Prague

By Venko Jordanov

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague claims some of the greatest architectural delights in the world. Situated along the glistening Vltava River, this beautiful location boasts a name for itself as central Europe’s political, economic and cultural home. Its incredible history and enchanting architecture makes it a city of great intrigue. Here are some must-see sights for those who share the city’s love for art, culture and history.

Charles Bridge

A world-renowned sight, the Charles Bridge is beautifully designed. Constructed in 1357, during Charles IV’s reign, the bridge played a crucial part in the country’s history and is the symbol of hard work and determination across the years. Crossing the river Vltava, tourists will see a spectacular combination of natural beauty and architectural magnificence as they make their way across the bridge.

Reaching an astonishing 621 metres in length and 10 metres in width, the Charles Bridge is big, bold and beautiful. Its detailed and intricate designs make it an eye-catching sight to behold. With over 30 statues and statuaries lining the bridge, the Charles Bridge boasts a stunning architectural design like no other. The dramatic, bold, baroque style of the statues are bound to fascinate visitors, leaving them in complete wonder.

Prague castle
    Tyn Church's grand Gothic exterior is sure to enchant visitors., Cr Wikipedia

Tyn Church’s grand Gothic exterior is sure to enchant visitors., Cr Wikipedia

At 570 metres in length and 130 metres in width, Prague Castle owns the proud title as the biggest documented castle in the world. A majestic sight to behold, this royal castle was in fact home to the Kings of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperors. Today, it is the keeping place of the country’s glittering crown jewels and a popular tourist attraction.

The castle and its surrounding buildings are some of the most magnificent works of architecture ever made. Combining an array of architectural styles from across the ages, tourists will be captivated by the castle’s awe-inspiring beauty. From seeing St Vitus’ Cathedral’s grand Gothic exterior to witnessing the bold, dramatic designs of St. George’s church, visitors will find the castle and its grounds absolutely marvelous.

Old Town Square

Those who want to experience the heart of Prague’s culture should make visiting the Old Town Square top on their list.

Boasting an array of superb architectural sights, the Old Town Square is situated between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge. Art lovers and history fanatics will be amazed by all that the Old Town Square has to offer; intertwining history, culture and art, there is a variety on show to see and enjoy. Amongst these great sights is the Tyn Church, a Gothic, 14th century design. With its church towers reaching 80 metres in height, the Tyn Church is a truly humbling sight to lay eyes upon.

St Nicholas Church is also famous for its baroque architectural style, bold designs and incredible atmosphere. In addition to its superb buildings, the Old Town Square is the home of the 3rd largest astronomical clock in the world; a medieval masterpiece, fashioned to absolute perfection, a jaw-dropping sight for those with a love for architecture.


A location overflowing with architectural wonders and a city which rests by the Vltava River, Prague is a place of both man-made and natural beauty. From looking down at the river whilst standing upon Prague’s famous Charles Bridge to looking up the grand Gothic Tyn Church, there are a variety of stunning sights to see. Tourists with a love for art and culture will be in paradise when visiting Prague.

Image Source: Wikipedia.

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