Top Reasons to Be a Travel Nurse in Palm Springs

I’ve been a travel nurse for many years. My husband and I uproot ourselves about twice a year, with our two young children in tow. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us. It also allows us continue to explore and travel to new destinations this world has to offer us. We have been in Palm Springs for the past six months, and I’ve been happily employed at Desert Regional Medical Center, a busy Trauma Center serving the entire Coachella Valley.IMG_0252

Here are our top reasons to come to Palm Springs, California, whether for a job or a visit.

Warner Brother's House

Warner Brother’s House

  • This is one of the few cities in the world where stopping to take pictures of homes is actually encouraged. The tourist board offers maps of homes of Hollywood stars or for self-guided tours of mid-century and modern homes.

  • Palm Springs is like a big fruit bowl with a bounty of fresh produce every day, from oranges to lemons to grapefruits. It provides everyone with the rare opportunity to eat delicious citrus you can pluck right from the trees.
Vue of the mountains from the pool

Vue of the mountains from the pool

  • Most rental places have not just a pool, but a heated pool for the “cool” days and nights when Jack Frost nips at your nose. You can sip drinks poolside and enjoy the view of snow-capped mountain peaks. When people are freezing in the Midwest or experiencing another blizzard of the century on the East Coast, the weather in Palm Springs is about as perfect as anyone could wish for, with an average temperature in the high 70s. This explains why flocks of snow birds descend on this desert oasis from October to May.
Beautiful Palm Springs

Beautiful Palm Springs

  • You can shop, wine and dine like the rich and famous on El Paso, which many often refer to as the Rodeo Drive of the desert.
Village fest

Villagefest on every Thursday

  • Every Thursday night throughout the year, the main street comes alive with the “Village Fest.” It brims with live music, vendors selling original art and handmade jewelry, and a great farmers market to boot.
Cimarron Golf Course

Cimarron Golf Course

  • Tennis and golf are the relished pass times. Well-maintained tennis courts are everywhere, and there are over 200 golf courses; so there’s no need to worry about getting a tee time.
  • It’s close to other cities of the Coachella Valley, as well as just a couple hours to L.A. or the beaches of Orange County.
Salvation Mountain, Part II

Salvation Mountain

  • Palm Springs boasts a funky desert vibe. Each city in the valley has its own unique atmosphere, offering unusual sites to see, such as Salvation Mountain and East Jesus. For those who want to become one with nature, Taquitz Canyon, San Andreas fault, Joshua Tree National Park and the Living Desert are within easy reach. Oh, and there’s a wind farm, too.
Entrance to east Jesus

Entrance to East Jesus

  • The area is rich in history, from the native people to the unusual, like Slab City and Salton Sea. There’s also plenty to learn about the stars of the Silver Screen who arrived to seek some much-needed respite from the glitz and glam of Hollywood—scandals included.
Salton Sea from the campground

Salton Sea from the campground

  • Exciting, cultural events happen all year long, such as the Palm Springs Film Festival, Coachella Valley Music Festival, Stagecoach Music Festival, The Follies, Gay Pride Week, plus local art festivals, a monthly flea market and an organic farmers market.
  • This is also the date capital of the world (just to let you know in case this comes up on Jeopardy one day). You can not only visit the date farms, but you can also sample hundreds of different varieties of the sweet fruit. You’ll find them in almost any type of food, and the date shake is the most famous in this region, with each shop claiming to have the best in town. To be fair, they’re all delicious. What’s more, the city goes whole hog with a Date Festival every year.
Fisherman's Market & Grill

Fisherman’s Market & Grill

  • The cuisine is some of the best we’ve ever eaten, with an endless variety to suit any palate. Many locales offer live entertainment on most nights and tout fantastic Sunday brunches. Two notable restaurants are: The Fisherman, for its cheap and delicious, fresh fish lunch (incredible fish tacos), and Sherman’s Deli, for its decadent cakes and pastries. The slices are so large that three to four people can share (most of the dishes here are incredibly big).
Dark night skies near Palm Springs, Credit-

Dark night skies near Palm Springs, Credit-

  • At night the city has a no-light policy, in order to enhance the resort feel of the town. This makes it ideal to sit in the hot tube and enjoy fantastic, star-gazing moments while sipping a glass of California wine.
  • In case you didn’t know, there are also many casinos in the valley. If you win big, you can go on a shopping spree at the outlet malls just 30 minutes away.
Desert Regional Hospital

Desert Regional Medical Center

If you’re looking for a great place to visit, then make a beeline to Palm Springs to soak up the sun and culture. When your next nursing travel assignment comes up, I’d highly recommend coming to this city and working for Desert Regional  Medical Center.

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