Top Places to Visit in Australia

This article gives you the idea of the top 5 places to visit in Australia if you have planned for it in your vacation.

    Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia


It is one of the very old cities of Australia. The city was the location of the first European settlement in Australia. The spots in the city are quite enchanting and just attract the tourists towards it. One of the best spots among all those is the Sydney harbour, where you get to visit the famous Sydney opera house and the harbour bridge. The opera house is famous all over the world for its architecture. It consists of a concert hall, two theatres, a studio room and its court also has restaurant, cafe and bar. On the other hand, the bridge is an arch shaped and steel built structure and contains 7 lanes of traffic in addition to a cycle lane, a railway path and footpath.


Melbourne, Australia by night

Melbourne, Australia by night

This city is the second most populated city of Australia and is the largest one in the state of Victoria. The famous spots that one may find here include places like the parliament house, the state library, the Melbourne town hall and many others. All of these building were built around 1850 by the fund of Victoria. Further the city is also famous for its art galleries and there is a Melbourne stencil festival celebrated here every year. Melbourne can also be considered as the business place of Australia where one can find every of the thing he can think of.

3.The grand ocean road

Now is the time to tell something about the place which will give you some of the unforgettable sites to you. This road was built in 1930 in the memory of the fallen soldiers and has some of the magnificent scenes for you. The road is 250 km in length and is extended from the Bellarine peninsula to Warrnambool. If you ever plan to spend some time on the road and think of going on a very long drive, this is the place to come. Well, I guess you would have seen this road in many of the advertisements for cars.

4.The barrier reef

Great Barrier Reef,

Great Barrier Reef,

Are you thinking of having some of the fun going under water? Well, this is a place totally meant for those persons who love diving. This coral reef is situated off the coast of the Queensland and is the largest coral reef of the world. It possesses more than 900 islands and expands to more than 2,500 kilometres. This reef is the home of many aquatic creatures including whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and many more.

5.The Fraser island

Do you want to lie on the beaches and enjoy sun bath? This is the place to go if your answer for the question is ‘Yes’. This is the world largest sand island expanding to a area of 122 km. It is a unique place in itself as it is the only place in the world where you will find white sand and the rain forest at one time. The place is known to be the habitat of more than 300 species of birds.

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