Top Casino To Visit When In Macau



Macau is such a place which is visited by many people across the globe for various reasons such as business, job or just for the sake of fun and enjoyment during vacations. One would be automatically drawn towards casinos in Macau as these are known worldwide for the facilities provided by them to the customers. Almost all the casinos in Macau are best. If you are one of those who wish to play blackjack live at Supercasino, have a look at some of the top casinos in Macau which are worth visiting during your trip.

Wynn Macau– The appearance of the Wynn Macau casino is similar to its counterpart in Las Vegas with red and light brown colour theme on the inside as well as outside of the casino. Here, you can enjoy traditional and modern table games such as Caribbean Stud, Sic Bo, Blackjack, Baccarat and poker in a separate room with beautiful female live dealers. There are slot machines as well for its admirers.The Dragon of Fortune and the Tree of Prosperity are two striking shows at this casino. It is a perfect place for high-roller players.

Sands Macao– Located near the easy mode of transportation i.e. ferryboat, it is one among the oldest casinos in Macau. You will find a group of gambling tables arranged in a big room in the Sands Macao Casino. It is perfectly fit for those who visit the casinos just for the sake of gambling and not the publicity stunts. It has a gigantic chandelier hanging in its centre which measures 36 meters in length and around nearly 8 meters in width and has over six thousand light bulbs to provide illumination to the entire casino.

Venetian Macao– It is one of the largest casinos across the globe and a central point for all the artists who perform at international level. It is apt for entertainment as well as gambling purpose and hence attracts people from all walks of life. Some of the outstanding shows such as Zaia attract masses of people to this casino.

Grand Lisboa– This casino in Macau is known across the globe for having the most excellent and largest poker room in Asia. The biggest poker tournaments in the entire Asian region are organized at this casino. Poker Players who play at higher levels can be found here on a nightly basis. It is completely devoted to gambling without any type of publicity or modes of entertainment. The Grand Lisboa is the foremost casino to introduce Western Games including Texas Hold’em and craps. It has the credit of offering the most excellent and lucrative reward programs to its members under which members get worthwhile spending coupons daily and lodging in one of 430 luxury rooms of the casino.

Galaxy Rio Macau– This casino is perfect for those who don’t know much about gambling and just wish to lay some lower stakes on several games. The atmosphere of the casino is quite warm and friendly and hence welcomes all visitors open-heartily. It is mostly dominated by male members of the society. The nightclub in Rio is quite popular locally and is a rendezvous place for many on a regular basis.

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