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Whether you want to experience Maori culture, mineral spa rejuvenation, geothermal earth forces or thrills of adventure, you came to the right place. Rotorua will deliver them all. Located in the north island on a volcanic plateau. The geologists often called the Taupo volcanic zone. The population is about 70.000 people and considered the heartland of Maori culture. The city is 5h(457km/284Mi) from Wellington, the capital city of NZ and about 4h(234km/145mi) from Auckland. This is the ancestral home of the TeArawa people who settled more than 600 years.

Weather in Rotorua:

During the summer months, the temperatures are around 20-27c(68-78F) and around 10-13C (50- 55F) during the winter season. The hottest months are January, February and sometimes march. Rotorua is enjoyable all year round. It has a sunny climate than the rest of the country. It rarely snow there in winter.

 Geothermal Activities:

From the moment you enter the city limits of Rotorua, you realize you are somewhere quite unique. Sneaky threads of steam coming out from parks, along the highway, streets, pathways and the scent of Sulpher wafts through the air. You get an idea what Rotorua has to offer. The odor may feel odd at first, may give you headaches but it fades away as you breath in. you do not need to look far away. There are geysers of steaming water all around the downtown city limits. If you get to the lake Rotorua and walk along the shore, you may experience those geysers in action. Dazzling Silica display a beautiful mixture of colors. There are some great places to see geothermal activities among them my favorite, the Hell’s Gate; it’s the largest hot water falls in the southern hemisphere. The Waimangu Volcanic valley is 20mn by car from the city limits and it’s a must see. This is a breathtaking valley devastated by the eruption of Mt Tarawera over 100 years ago. Whakarewarewa is the most visited geyser in the North Island. While you are visiting it, you can experience the vestiges of Maori culture.

 Experience the Maori Culture

This is the heartland of Maori culture especially to Arawa tribe. There are ample opportunities to witness the deeply moving expressions of Maori culture. Some featured cultural activities such as Mitai Maori Village providing an authentic Maori culture experience leaving you amazed. TePuia is the guided tour visiting the NZ premier Maori culture and geothermal experience. The tour will provide you some of the stunning wonders of the geothermal activities and get to know the living culture of the Maori.

 Sparkling Lakelands

There are 16 lakes in the vicinity. All these lakes are formed from the craters of extinct volcanos. These lakes offer an exciting and excellent opportunity for fishing mainly trout especially Rainbow, brook and brown. Because of its lakes, Rotorua is often called the lake District of Northern Island. They also offer excellent opportunities for swimming and picnicking along the shores.

 Nature’s Spa of the South Pacific

Experience and enjoy the wonderful fusion of relaxing hot mineral spring bathing in a tranquil setting overlooking Lake Rotorua. Evenings are gorgeous while the sun is setting. The Polynesian spa offers great deals on spa packages. Get informed at the front desk. Their pools are large and provide different temperature settings.

The Waikite Valley Thermal pools is another one to enjoy. This is the largest single source of 100% pure boiling water in NZ. The water is pumped directly from the TeManoroa natural boiling spring. After a nice spa time, try the Pukeko in a long tree café.

Adventure land

This comprises of variety of things you could do, among them.. Experience The ZORB Rotorua for NZ$50: you dive into a Zorb Globe with couple of buckets of water. Usually hot water in the winter times and cold water in the summer times. And you will be pushed down the hills. You will be slipping, sliding spinning your way to the bottom. Here are few of the most requested adventures in town.

Agro adventure:

swimming with Dolphins :

nNzriverget :

Rainbow Springs KIWI wildlife park:

NZone skydive:  skydive Rotorua for NZ$269 :


Don’t worry if you do not have a car or do no know how to drive on the left side of the road. Rotorua is equipped with a well developed infrastructure and excellent public transportation system.

Other Useful Information


Rotorua has a wide variety of hotels, holiday parks and apartment available for rent. The prices are affordable during the winter months but the summer months, it could go a little higher than usual. Backpackers lodge is a great place to stay if you count on saving money during your stay. They provide clean rooms and free WIFI connections in the lounge.

Here are some websites to
check the availability

Dining Experience

Rotorua has one of the best restaurants of the nation. Most can be found in the eat Streat providing great wines and food and entertainments if you happen to be there on a Sunday night. Food is affordable and very fresh.


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