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 iphone apps

iphone apps

You may be lost in the city, or just in need for some last-minute travel inspiration. Whether you’re on your bike or travelling in the London Underground, there will always be an app that can help you out. Living in the capital has its ups and downs; what it doesn’t lack, though, are resources. Being a popular tourist destination has resulted in endless apps being flooded into the iTunes store. Only a handful of them are useful, though. Here are my top five.

London Cycle

The 8,000 Barclays Bikes have fit well into Londoners’ daily lives. You’ll catch an ordinary city businessman riding a Barclays Bike through the capital, as if he were a tourist. The London Cycle app is a must-have for both regular and occasional users. It’ll help you find the nearest bike parks, give you routes, and an overview of the map for a better idea.


Although thousands of black taxis roam London through the day and night, it can be difficult to find one when you’re in a hurry. Hailo helps you find taxis closest to your location at the time, put you in touch with the driver, and tell you how long it will take to get there. It will feed in live updates so you can see where your taxi is in real time on the map. It’s certainly an essential if you travel by taxi often, but still do expect delays during rush hours, event-endings, and busy rail stations.

London Bus Checker

London buses are a good alternative to get around the capital overground. Although there are bus lanes on practically every road, you’re still a part of traffic, and it can get pretty crowded. If you’re in a hurry, delays and stops can get really annoying. A few bus stops across the capital have digital screens telling you estimated bus times, but most stops do not. The London Bus Checker app helps you by checking the arrival time for the next bus. If you’re a regular bus commuter, then this app is certainly an essential—it works very well, too.


Possibly the best travel app out there, the TubeMap has saved people from tube-related confusion countless times. The app will turn navigating around the underground from a nightmare to a delightfully easy experience. The app includes a station finder, route planner, and real-time service updates. You can even set your oyster card to check your balance.


Let’s be real; London is expensive. It can be very difficult to enjoy the capital while you’re on a budget. The Vouchercloud app is free and has an endless selection of discount vouchers and codes. It’s perfect for students as well—everything from pubs & bars, restaurants, and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a day out or discounted London hotels, Vouchercloud will not disappoint.


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