Top 5 London Attractions for Kids This Winter

London, by Uri Baruchin

London, by Uri Baruchin

by Gavin Harvey,

A visit to London can be the perfect day out for the family during the winter months – whether its festive spirit you’re after or jaw-dropping exhibits.

In the cold, dreary months of winter – it can seem impossible to keep the kids the entertained. If they’re not running riot around the house, they’re glued to the computer screen for the duration of the day. So why not take them on a trip to London this winter?

Not only is London an iconic city in its own right, it also plays host to a great many entertaining activities and locations that are perfect for kids of any age. And, you needn’t pay through the nose for them either. Some are completely free, and educational. What’s more, there are multiple attractions that are kept indoors, so there’ll be no need to shuffle about in your winter layers all day.

Natural History Museum

Especially when the Christmas holidays come around, most parents want to keep their children’s education flourishing in some way. So why not take them to the Natural History Museum? It’s free and there are plenty of exhibits that are tailored to keep the kids interested. Plus, they have the added benefit of teaching kids all about the world’s history.

With giant dinosaur skeletons and live history shows led by staff and scientists at the museum, you can sit back and let the kids pursue their curiosities. There are also discovery trails you can follow leading you about various exhibits and places where the kids can engage in craft activities. A family can easily spend the day here!


It’s behind you! You can’t get into the festive spirit without a pantomime. And these performances can make a fantastic form of entertainment for the kids – and the parents.

Commonly based on traditional fairy tales, with a comical twist, the kids can see all their favourite storybook characters up on stage and have a great time shouting at them till their throats turn sore. With various venues around London showing pantomimes at Christmas, you’ll be sure to find a show that is perfect for you and not too far from where you’re staying.

Ice Skating

If you’re willing to brave the elements, then ice skating could be a great option for you. In the winter season, multiple outdoor ice rinks are set up for everyone to enjoy. And with some surrounded by Christmas stalls selling food and quirky gifts, you can have a scrumptious hot chocolate to warm yourself up afterwards – or maybe some mulled wine for the adults.

With the majority of ice rinks opening in November and closing in January, there’ll be plenty of time for you to sample one, or maybe several, in the area. There’s no better way to get into the winter spirit than skating (and slipping!) on the ice.

Christmas Pudding Race

Are your kids a pretty athletic bunch? Why not keep them on their feet this winter by taking them to a one-of-a-kind run? The Christmas Pudding Race, an annual run conducted for the benefit of Cancer Research UK held in Covent Garden. And, you’ve guessed it; everyone dresses up as a something seasonal.

Of course, anyone can come and watch the Turkeys, Santa’s and Christmas tree ornaments run, or you can sign yourselves up. There’s even an obstacle course where contestants desperately try to balance their Christmas pudding on a tray. A fun day out for all the family – but be sure to wrap up warm.

Visit the Reindeers

Who doesn’t love a trip to the Zoo? Well as the winter season approaches, so does the winter festivities. And the Zoo is no exception. Head on over to ZSL London Zoo this year and book to see the reindeers up close and of course – visit Santa Claus.

Or, if you’re hoping to escape the chilly outdoors – you can head inside to the zoo’s living rainforest exhibit – The only living rainforest in London. With plenty of rainforest creatures and insects for the kids to look at learn about, you’ll never run out of things to see and do on your day at the zoo.

There’s always something to do in London, regardless of the season, the weather or your age. The real difficulty is deciding which attractions you want to visit most. So why not give you and the family a weekend break and book a hotel in Westminster for the weekend?

But be sure to book your desired attractions in advance, so you’ve got a spot saved for you and the kids, winter can be a pretty busy time of year. Then, simply sit back and wait for the winter season to come.

Do you have any great winter attractions in London to recommend? Comment below and share your experiences!

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