Top 5 European Destinations for a Stag Party on a Budget

Stag parties are considered to be a major event leading up to a wedding celebration. Some people are probably more excited about it than the wedding itself. And organizing one is another mammoth task that’s generally shouldered on the groom’s best man. If you and your friends aren’t the types to remain behind the ‘bars’, pun intended, then you might as well look for options elsewhere to celebrate your stag weekend.

Europe is a gold mine for places that are suitable for an ideal stag weekend. Every corner of the continent has locations that will leave you awestruck.  All you need to do is plan your weekend well in advance, settle on the budget, and ask your boys to get ready for the best time of their lives!

Have a look at some of the most economical and most happening stag party locations in Europe.


Amsterdam is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to a fantastic stag weekend. The city’s major attractions include the wacky lanes of De Wallen (the Red Light District)—a main reason why it’s the first choice for lads—bigger clubs than in any other European city, Coffee Shops, such as the Greenhouse and Grey Area, as well as countless other sites that make the city a great choice.


The Hungarian capital, Budapest has plenty to offer for a stag weekend on a tight budget (a private lap dance might cost you just as much as a packet of cigarettes). This amazing city has risen to the top on the charts in recent years, and its premier spas, iconic views over the city, and ‘ruin pubs’ have all helped Budapest earn its name in the market as a stag weekend destination.


If beer is your thing, then Prague is your place. A classic choice for a crazy stag-do, the Czech capital is famous around the world for its beer culture, boasting its own beer museum, beer spa, and beer hotels. However, you’ll definitely want to make time to break away from the beer and go around the city to admire its modern and old architecture, as well as learn some history at the city’s Jewish Museum. It’s indeed one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, and a day of taking in its magnificence is a real treat to the eyes.


The Scottish capital is a perfect blend of royal historical heritage and modern lifestyle that make it one of the top destinations for a stag weekend getaway. During the day, you can appreciate the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, take in the popular tourist attractions of the Royal Mile, visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse, make your way up to Arthur’s Seat, and many more options that create the city’s historic prominence. At night, you have plenty of pub options available on Rose Street or the Royal Mile.


I don’t think one would mind paying a little extra for a pint at the finest Guinness Factory since it’s definitely the best that can be offered. Dublin might be a tad more expensive compared to the other cities listed above, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience to have your stag weekend there. There’s nothing like traditional Irish food, lively music, and streets filled with pub after pub that draw people to Dublin. This is the sole reason why the Irish capital finds itself featured on almost all the lists of the best stag weekend destinations.

What are you lads waiting for? Sit down with the groom, and start planning out the most wonderful stag party with him and for him today. Even if the wedding is a few months down the road, you’ll avoid getting caught up in any last-minute hassles and extra expenditures. You know it’s going to be the best time of your lives.

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